Options For Removing Old Pavement Markings

Removing Old Pavement Markings Options

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove old pavement markings without resealing or replacing the parking lot's asphalt. This may be done to change the width of the parking stalls, especially when implementing ADA requirements or changing from straight-in stalls to angled stalls.

The quickest and easiest way to conceal old pavement markings is to use “blackout” (asphalt) paint or “Grey-out” (concrete) paint.  This involves simply painting over the lines with a paint matched to the color of the parking lot.  Of course, that only delays the eventual reappearance of the offensive stripes and just doesn’t look good. There are three methods used to permanently remove old stripes.

1.  Pressure Washing

2.  Shot Blasting

3.  Sand Blasting

As with most services, each type used in removing pavement markings has advantages and disadvantages.  Call Empire Parking Lot Services today when you need to get answers in regards to which method is best for you and your parking lot striping needs.  Whether your pavement markings needs to be painted or removed Empire-PLS has the ability to get the project done quickly, inexpensively and on time. Call Empire Parking Lot Services today for a free proposal.  We have Southern California covered.  714-633-0300

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