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Empire Parking Lot Services offers one stop shopping for exterior ADA compliance repairs. If you are trying to achieve handicap compliance within your parking lot and are not sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

At Empire we are well versed in the laws & codes pertaining to the Federal ADA standards, as well as Title 24 compliance codes for the state of California. The ADA frequently changes, and as a professional paving contractor, we not only study and stay up to date with current ADA codes, but we can also bring in a professional CASP consultant on larger and more complex projects. If you are already working with a CASP inspector we can work hand in hand with yours. Need a CASP inspector referral? Give us a call, and we can give you several.

Often times ADA upgrades require more than just concrete handicapped ramps. Other required items may include handicap asphalt ramps or parking lot grade issues, truncated domes,  stall & entry signs, as well as ADA striping requirements.

Understanding your local, state, and federal requirements can be confusing and overwhelming, so trust our educated estimator's that keep track of all the changes that occur with the ADA laws. Our estimators can help you to make sound, educated decisions about your ADA upgrades today. Give us a call to discuss your ADA project.

A short list of our ADA upgrade services:

Please refer to our FAQ and Glossary pages if you see any terms or services that you are unfamiliar with.

  • ADA Upgrades
  • ADA Service Upgrades
  • Handicap Spot Compliance
  • ADA Upgrade Services
  • ADA Parking Lot Upgrades
  • Handicap ADA Upgrades
  • Parking Lot ADA Upgrades
  • ADA Compliant Parking Signs
  • ADA Upgrades Parking Lot
  • Handicapped ADA Upgrades
  • ADA Handicap Upgrades
  • ADA Handicap Parking Lot Updates
  • ADA Handicap Parking Lot Upgrades
  • ADA Handicap Updates
  • ADA Parking Lot Compliance Layout

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