New Parking Lot Striping For Irvine Retail Center

Irvine Shopping Center Gets New Parking Lot Striping

The term "Parking Lot Striping" refers to all things painted on a parking lot. From parking lines to red curbs, as well as everything in between. Most Southern California paving companies offer pavement markings, but they're not all offering the same quality or service. There are several reasons for this dilemma. The first reason is that some paving contractors sub contract out their pavement marking work to the lowest bidder. In return the customer gets shoddy and unprofessional work. That’s not to say that there are not quality parking lot striping companies, because there are. It’s just that "low bidder" part that kills the quality. Another reason is that many paving contractors don’t place a lot of emphasis on this service. Many think that because it’s a lower tier service, it shouldn’t waste too much of their time. This couldn’t be more wrong. At Empire Parking Lot Services we place as much emphasis on this service as we do on any other. We understand that a quality paving job deserves the finest markings that your money can buy. This is why we only use state of the art parking lot striping equipment, and best quality paint that money can buy. We know that even though striping is a small part of the project it should be done with the samer concern as the rest.

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About this Parking Lot Striping Project

At this Orange County shopping center Empire Parking Lot Services was contracted to repaint all of their parking lot markings & curbs. This included all handicap Parking Lot Striping such as the disabled silhouette (handicap logo) and cross hatch lines, traffic stencils, such as stop and bars, arrows as well as  all parking stencils i.e. visitor, compact and reserved. Furthermore we repainted all speed bumps, parking lines, curbs, and bollards. This customer made sure that all areas that needed to be painted were prepped ahead of time, as well scrapped and sand blasted as needed. Any stencils that did not match the set chosen by the management company were blacked out with a clean square box, and repainted using the customers choice. All of this was done in the early morning hours, so that there was minimal inconvenience caused to the shopping center tenants and customers.


About Empire Parking Lot Striping Services

Annual Parking Lot Striping maintenance plans are something we offer to many of our customers. We manage records for all of their shopping centers in terms of what has been done, and when it was done last.  As we work on these centers over the years we have learned to make suggestions to the property managers that will head off future issues. One example is red curb paint build up. If we see the paint on the curbs is getting to thick, we would make a suggestion to the management team to help properly plan and budget for the removals of that paint. By maintaining all of their centers they receive several benefits. First, they get quality uniform markings on their centers that is unmistakable. Same stencils, same colors, same high quality layout on each center. Nothing can make a stronger impact on your parking lot for less cost than clean parking lot markings. Second, they get great prices because of the number of centers they allow us to maintain for them. Volume work receives better pricing than a single project. Lastly, and most importantly, they get piece of mind knowing that the contractor they hired is always keeping an eye out for them, and heading off future problems and pitfalls.

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