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A well designed parking lot can last for several decades, but only if routine parking lot maintenance is performed over time. Studies have shown that keeping up with items such as crack filling and sealcoating are imperative to extending the lifespan of your parking lot. Not only that, but good maintenance also is shown to reduce the number of lawsuits on a property as well.

Empire Parking Lot Services is a full-service parking lot maintenance contractor that operates in the Southern California area. We service everything from shopping malls to small parking lots, and we have the ability to get your project done on time and at your budget. At Empire, and we can manage all of your parking lot maintenance needs under one roof. Our parking lot maintenance services include seal coating, crack filling, crack repair, bollard Installation, traffic sign & post installations, wheel stop installation, rumble strips and other traffic calming devices, pressure washing, paint removal, and many other services.

Custom Maintenance Approach

Most paving companies recommend that sealcoating, crack filling, and parking lot striping be done once every couple of years, but not all parking lots are the same. Empire makes recommendations based on your parking lots unique needs. These items may include traffic volume, drainage issues, and typical weight loads that your parking lot endures on a daily basis. Here are a few standard maintenance recommendations.


Every two to three years, or as needed. Consider multiple coats on main driveways for added wear. Heavy traffic areas such as main roads should also receive two coats of seal for best results. Empire always follows manufactures recommendations for application rate and methods.

Crack Filling

Annually before each rainy season. Empire can't stress enough how important this is for extending your parking lots life span. Even if we don’t receive a lot of rain here in sunny Southern California, we more than make up for it with irrigation runoff. You want to seal your cracks as soon as they start to form, as it will reduce damage from all water sources.

Parking Lot Striping

Road markings such as stop stencils and arrows should be refreshed annually. This would include both fire lane, and other curb striping needs. Parking stall lines & ADA striped stalls (wheelchair logo) can be repainted every other year.

Miscellaneous Maintenance Needs

Items in your parking lot such as traffic signs, bollards, and wheel stops should be repaired annually. These can become a safety hazard in your parking lot, and when they start to fail they are typically the first thing mentioned in a lawsuit, e.g. a man breaking his hip tripping on a broken wheel stop. Also, handicap compliance requirements change almost every year. One wrong handicap sign can land you in litigation with one of the many cash-for- compliance law firms that feed on parking lot owners.

A short list of our parking lot maintenance services:

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