Asphalt Grinding & Milling Options

For many decades property owners and managers would just keep paving a new layer of asphalt over the old layer, year after year. This problem can be seen in many parking lots today by just looking at the concrete curbs that have become smaller. Contractors have paved up to the top of these curbs and now it's time to take the asphalt back down. This is where services like asphalt milling and grinding come into play. Asphalt milling, also known as cold planing, or asphalt profiling, used to be a service reserved for streets and highways. These days many paving contractors are using these services to save customers money on larger repairs. Read more below to learn about these services.

Grinding / Milling Options

Empire-PLS offers many types of asphalt grinding services. We know one size does not fit all, and to be competitive on paving projects you have to scale you tools and labor to fit that project. Below is a breakdown of the different approaches we take based on the asphalt grinding project we're performing.

Small Asphalt Grinding / Milling Projects:

When a customer contacts us about their smaller grinding projects, we respond by suggesting a more economical approach. We suggest sending out a small team equipped with small equipment. simple one off repairs such as a trip hazard or small raised area of asphalt in your parking lot can easily be removed utilizing a walk behind grinder. This equipment can operated by just a single person if need be. This approach saves our customers time and money.

Medium Asphalt Grinding / Milling Projects:

Do you have raised asphalt along concrete swale that’s causing a trip hazard or is just unsightly? On medium size repair projects we like to utilize our skid steer style grinders to get these jobs done quickly. A skid steer is like a Swiss Army Knife on wheels, it’s a small framed tractor with the ability to change tooling using attachments like a breaker, sweeper, and yes even a grinder. The skid steer grinder attachments come in several sizes from 18" all the way up to 47". This attachment is known as a cold planer and is an hydraulic system that offers powerful cutting, at rapid speeds. These ride-on grinding cutters are very versatile and allow us to make quick work on medium size asphalt repair jobs. One major advantage this equipment choice gives us is the ability to grind asphalt along curbs and planters in parking lots without breaking or damaging them.

Large Asphalt Grinding / Milling Projects:

Larger asphalt repair projects such as an asphalt overlay require larger equipment. At Empire we utilizes asphalt pulverization and road milling equipment to get these projects done quickly and efficiently. Road milling and planing machines are the titans of asphalt removal and are mostly utilized for roads and very large parking lot areas. These machines are capable of removing less than an inch of your existing asphalts surface at widths up to five feet at a time, and they can do this at 75 feet per hour. This grinding process is a perfect fit for an asphalt overlay or fabric overlay project.

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