Below you can find links to the municipal code pages for the many cities that make up Los Angeles County.

These links typically lead to the municipal parking lot codes library, pointing specifically at the section that pertains to an individual city's mandated rules for parking related items.

These can include parking design standards, parking allocation rules, sign regulations, ADA requirements as well as many others. Although many of these cities share similar rules there are exceptions.

When it comes to the ADA, California typically requires more than the Federal code for compliance. Check out this link for more information specifically about the California ADA.

Please note that these codes are provided as a convenience, and Empire Parking Lot Services cannot be held responsible for the information on any page outside of our own website. Also note that by clicking on these links you are leaving our website.

If you find a dead or missing link please make us aware by emailing us at this address:

Good luck on your Los Angeles County project and let us know if we can help!

Parking Lot Sign Codes for Los Angeles

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