Sealcoat is like Sunscreen!

Sealcoating, or slurry sealing, refers to the process of applying a protective coat of liquid emulsion to your asphalt parking lot; it works much like sunscreen does to protect our skin. Sealcoating also provides an attractive dark black surface that offers many benefits at a very reasonable cost.

Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Extends the lifespan of your pavement.
  • Reduces damage from runoff irrigation.
  • Reduces the drying effects of the sun.
  • Makes traffic lines and markings more visible.
  • Reduces auto related chemical damage to your asphalt.
  • Hides repairs on asphalt such as patching and trenching.
  • Fills holes and cracks that allow water to penetrate your asphalts structure.
  • Makes your asphalt look great for pennies per square foot.


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Why Should I Sealcoat?

Much like your building roof, plumbing, or HVAC system, your asphalt parking lot is a capital investment. Like all infrastructure investments, your asphalt surface must be maintained in order to extend its functionality over time. On older paved surfaces, sealcoating replaces fine particles lost from your asphalt's surface due to oxidation from the sun, and keeps the asphalt flexible for longer.

What Exactly Is Sealcoat?

Sealcoat material is basically an emulsion made up of asphalt, water, and aggregate, and is applied to your asphalt by a squeegee or a sprayer. The application of seal can be done manually or by machine. When installed correctly, sealcoating material should provide a consistent level of durability, and aesthetic enhancement for your parking lot; Or as we like to say, your asphalt is going to look super black and beautiful.

When and How Often Should I Sealcoat My Lot?

If you have had an asphalt overlay, we recommend allowing it to cure for 4-6 months before applying the first coat of seal; on smaller asphalt patching projects we recommend 45-60 days before sealing. In terms of ongoing preventative maintenance, we recommend sealing your parking lot once every 2 years or as necessary; This will greatly expand the lifespan of your paved parking lot.

What Will Sealcoating Cost me?

As mentioned above, sealcoating your parking lot typically costs just pennies per square foot; compared to a few dollars per square foot needed for asphalt repairs, sealcoating is a no brainer. Most projects fall between 10-15 cents per square foot unless they are on the smaller side. The best thing you can do is call for a price.

How Does Sealcoating Work?

Sealcoating is designed to protect your asphalt in a similar way that sunscreen protects our skin. Also, It also acts as a barrier to the sun's damaging ultra violet rays, as well as reducing damage from auto related chemicals such as gas, oil, and antifreeze. Another benefit offered by sealcoating is that it can reduce damage from water runoff caused by irrigation and rain. And finally, when sealcoating is installed correctly, it fills many of the smaller cracks and holes that form over time on your parking lot surface, reducing the amount of water that is able to penetrate your asphalt's substructure.

Our Sealcoating Process

At Empire Parking Lot Services we take pride in our ability to make your project go very smoothly; we make the process stress-free from start to finish. If needed, we can notify your tenants ahead of time, as well as post or provide diagrams showing scheduled areas of work. Once your project has begun, work areas will be barricaded off with string and flagging tape for maximum visibility. Your parking lot is vigorously cleaned using high powered blowers and wire brushes and brooms. All oil spots are scraped and then burned off before sealcoat is applied. Once our crews completed your project, we will clean any mess made by our crews during the process. All that your tenants will see is a freshly sealed and striped parking lot when they come to work the next day.

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