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Asphalt Speed Bumps are the most common type of speed bump installed in the world today, and for good reason. Asphalt speed bumps are very durable, quite effective and can be resealed and repainted each year to keep them looking fresh and noticeable.

Speed bumps are usually found in parking lots where they are utilized to keep speeds in the 10 to 15 mile per hour range. Although paved speed bumps can be a bit expensive to install, they are a permanent fixture and cannot be easily removed or damaged unlike some of their counterparts such as rubber or plastic speed bumps.

Asphalt speed bumps serve many purposes, but are primarily used to reduce traffic speeds and volume on streets and in parking lots. They can be very effective at slowing traffic in homeowners associations, parking lots, and private drive ways.

We can help you with the design and placement of your speed bumps, as well as the installation or repair. Empire Parking Lot Services is able to install your asphalt speed bumps quickly, and if need be, we will also be happy to remove your old ineffective traffic calming device. If you already have asphalt speed bumps that are in disrepair or in need of refreshing, we can help you decide if a repair or replacement is best for your project. We can also repaint your speed bumps keep them looking fresh and highly noticeable.

Give us a call and we will have an estimator meet with you to discuss your speed bump installation project or any questions you may have.

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