Finding a Quality Paving Contractor in 5 Easy Steps


Finding a Quality Paving Contractor in 5 Easy Steps.

It can be very difficult to find a good paving contractor in Orange County. With the advent of the internet it is easier than ever to look like legitimate company and not be one. The sad truth is that there are many who have no problems stealing your hard earned dollars however, this guide may help you avoid making that mistake. With a little advice and due diligence I think you’ll agree it’s easy to find quality paving contractors.

Step #1 Verify they have a contractor’s license & Insurance:

 This is by far the easiest step to do. Simply go to the California State License Board website located here 

Once there simply plug in a license number, company name, or business owners name, to verify the company is in fact licensed. You can use ours if you want to give it a try. Our California State License number is 940698.
Look to see that the license is active and in good standing. Also be sure that the license is for the trade they are contracting for.
Lastly check the license to be sure that they have no problems with their license and that they have all necessary insurances such as a contractors bond, as well as workers compensation.


Step #2 Get two or more paving contractor references:

  • Call the company and ask them to send you at least 2 references of paving work they have done in the last thirty days.
  • Most paving contractors should have no problem providing this information for you.
  • Make sure to get at least the company name, a phone number and a contact to ask for.

Step #3 Find out how long they have been in business:

  • If they are a newer contractor make sure that you ask them about their experience level.
  • By example at Empire Parking Lot Services we are a newer paving company, however we have many years experience in the industry.
  • If they are an older company asks them what type of paving they specialize in.
  • Do they specialize in new construction? Or do they specialize in patch and repair?
  • Are they a road paving contractor, do they specialize in concrete only? 


Step #4 Get at least three bids that are apples to apples:

  • This really is a great habit to get into when getting jobs. First thing you will want to do is call a reputable company and ask them for a bid for whatever paving work you need done.
  • Then take their proposal and call two other companies.
  • Sometimes one company may not understand another companies description. When this happens just go with the bid of the contractor that gives you the most piece of mind. Use his information and have the bidders all bid his work descriptions.
  • It is very important to not shop numbers. This is a terrible idea that will result in getting you a terrible job. When numbers are shopped the only one that will lose is going to be you.
  • Remember the point of this is to get three apples to apples bids not grind down contractors.


Step #5 Ask friends family and co workers for their recommendations:

  • One of the best ways to find good people is to ask people you know and trust about who they use.
  • This isn’t a guarantee that the paving contractor will be a good one, however, it greatly improves your chances of avoiding the bonehead contractors out there that are nightmare waiting to happen.
  • Ask your church, landscape contractor or plumber who they have used. These types of people have worked with paving contractor in the past and should have some good information for you.
  • Here at Empire a little less then half of our work we do comes from referrals.



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