Why Are Wheel Stops Important?

Local regulations require parking facilities to have stops or safety barriers to ensure vehicles stop at designated spaces and help control traffic. Among the safety measures necessary in car parks include wheel stops that can guide drivers during parking. But what exactly are they, and why are they important? Read on to find out.

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What Are Wheel Stops?

Also referred to as parking blocks, parking bumpers, or car curbs, they are small barriers installed at the edge of parking spaces. They prevent vehicles from moving further into the parking space. These barriers can also help drivers park in the correct area. Also, they prevent collisions and crashes between cars and other objects within parking lots. Some common types include;

  • Recycled plastic: These are sturdy yet flexible wheel stops designed from plastic and often placed along accessible parking garages, valet-parking spaces, reserved parking garages, and handicapped parking spaces.
  • Concrete or cement-filled: These are hard wheel stops used as barriers in parking spaces to guide drivers and control traffic. Unlike plastic barriers, concrete wheel stops can damage vehicles when drivers drive over them due to a lack of flexibility.
  • Rubber: Although flexible, rubber wheel stops are sturdy and the most ideal parking barriers for low to moderate-traffic volume parking areas.

Why Are Wheel Stops Important?

Wheel stops are crucial safety measures for property parking areas for drivers and pedestrians. Here are some top reasons to consider them for your business.

Prevents Fender Benders in Commercial Parking

One of their primary purposes is to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, medians, and other restricted spaces. Obstructing a car's wheels within the parking space helps keep drivers from driving through the specified area or attempting risky maneuvers. This prevents damage to vehicles, including sidewalks, buildings, and other adjacent objects.

Improves Traffic Flow

Most commercial parking areas are busy during peak hours of the day, accommodating customers and employees driving in and out of the property. Wheel stops can help structure your parking space, keeping it more organized. It is also an effective way to guide traffic more efficiently while observing federal and state safety codes.

Enhances Appeal of Your Commercial Parking Area

Wheel stops can enhance the aesthetic value of a well-maintained and appropriately managed parking setting of commercial properties. For instance, extruded and beautifully painted barriers enclosing parking lots and around the edges can boost the overall appearance of your commercial space. Installing them is also one way to maintain your parking lot's landscape.

Where Can You Install Wheel Stops?

Wheel stops offer various benefits to drivers and property owners looking to have safe and risk-free parking lots. Therefore, you can install these barriers in various places where cars can be parked simultaneously. The most common areas include;

  • Commercial parking lots
  • Multistory car parks
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential areas

How Empire Parking Lot Services Can Help

At Empire Parking Lot Services, we can help you get more insights into wheel stops and enjoy the benefits of these barriers. Our contractors are highly trained and provide a range of parking lot services, helping you design a safe, appealing, and well-maintained parking area. Contact us at 714-633-0300 to have our experienced team assist you with your next wheel stop installation project. 

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