Top 5 Benefits of Epoxy Warehouse Striping

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The vast space of a warehouse can be well organized and utilized, or it can be wasted or underutilized. One of the keys to keeping floor space organized is through effective and long lasting epoxy floor striping.

But if you fail to use the right materials for warehouse floor striping, you could get frustrated in short order. That's because you'll end up spending unnecessary time reworking lines that have faded or peeled away. Employees could waste time trying to locate the right place for specific equipment or materials. In the worst case, missing lines could create confusion and lead to improperly stored items, or  at worse even cause safety issues.

What's the best solution? Epoxy warehouse striping is the ideal way to organize your warehouse floor. Here are five benefits of using Empire's long lasting epoxy striping services.

1. Epoxy Warehouse Striping Paint is Long Lasting.

With proper concrete surface preparation a two-part epoxy can be used with great success and can last for three years with heavy traffic,  and often as long as 5 years.

For the longest lasting lines, shot blasting can be used to prepare the concrete surface. With shot blasting, a very thin layer of concrete is removed where the lines will be created. Once a durable epoxy is applied, the paint and floor are exactly even, which prevents the paint from chipping away. But even without shot blasting preparation, epoxy is the longest wearing paint for concrete floor use.

If you must change your lines at any point in the future, unneeded epoxy lines can be grayed out to match the floor. However, if your plans don't require long-term durability, the experts at Empire can recommend a different treatment that may work best for your needs. These treatments can include water based products or tape based product that require on going maintenance.


2. Epoxy Warehouse Striping is More Durable and Resilient to Forklift Traffic.

Forklifts are the backbone of any warehouse, but they can cause a lot of wear and tear to flooring. Even smaller electric forklifts that are popular for their reduced noise and lack of emissions can weigh between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds. When that weight rolls over your lovely new striping multiple times an hour, you risk having painted lines worn down and taped lines pulled off.

Epoxy striping is one of the few options that can stand up to the traffic of forklifts used in a typical warehouse environment.


3. Epoxy Warehouse Striping is Easier to Clean and Maintain.

Epoxy lines are not indestructible, but they are hard to remove. Coupled with a epoxy sealant over the entire concrete warehouse floor, your job for cleaning and maintenance is simplified. You'll save money by not having to clean and polish the floor regularly or needing specialized equipment or chemicals for a clean finish.

In fact, cleaning epoxy is so easy that you need only use a mild detergent solution and a soft mop to clean the entire surface. Alternatively, you can easily spot clean spills on epoxy using a household-strength degreaser. Most stains remain on the surface as epoxy is difficult to penetrate.

Avoid using harsh cleaners, hard-bristled brushes and hot water for best results; these can all damage epoxy if misused. It's also not advised to use high-end floor strippers or pressure washers (professionals can use a low-pressure setting on tough stains if needed).



4. Epoxy Warehouse Striping Creates Better Organization for Your Warehouse.

Lean manufacturing and the famed Toyota Production System (TPS) have led to increased efficiencies and improved results. Sometimes called 5S, the lessons learned from implementing these techniques can even be applied to the organization of the warehouse floor. Well-organized warehouses make worker time more productive, leading to increased revenue. They also ensure efficiency and the selection of the right items as needed.

Effective striping using durable epoxy is a key piece in organizing the warehouse. Properly indicate aisle ways and traffic lanes as well as where work cells are located, where equipment is to be stored and what spaces should be kept clear. Employees can quickly understand where items are coming in and how they should go out. This form of visual communication can impact the bottom line and lead to better-run facilities.


5. Epoxy Warehouse Striping Helps to Improve Safety for Your Warehouse.

Along with a focus on training and safety procedures, properly identified areas using epoxy floor lines can easily help anyone on the floor to understand how traffic flows and where safety hazards are located. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) has standards for marking permanent aisles and passageways in the workplace.

You can utilize common color coding techniques to show areas that must be kept clear such as spaces in front of electrical panels and safety equipment, as well as spaces that should be approached with caution because of machinery or hazardous materials. Again, visual communication through well-marked flooring lines can help employees and visitors know where they are supposed to go and avoid areas that are less safe.

Use of epoxy helps to ensure that these critical areas aren't ignored or misused as paint fades or tape markings come off.


Why Use Empire for Epoxy Warehouse Floor Striping?

Southern California-based Empire Parking Lot Services was one of the first companies to successfully spray epoxy through a striping pump, making the application of epoxy quicker and more accurate. We also pioneered the use of shot blasting concrete warehouse floors at very reduced widths so that epoxies could be effectively applied for striping.

Although we started using our techniques for customers in Southern California, warehouse owners we worked with were so pleased with our service that we're now asked to take on striping projects throughout the U.S. We can handle smaller projects -- as little as 2,000 square feet -- with as much concern and care as we dedicate to huge, multi-building projects. And we specialize in working in already populated warehouses, so we can take on a half or quarter of the building at a time so work can continue as we apply striping.

Contact Empire today for more information about our epoxy warehouse striping services and whether we are a good fit for your project.

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