Irvine Business Park Receives A Fresh New Look with Sealcoating

Irvine Sealcoating & Striping Project

Empire Parking Lot Services performed sealcoating and parking lot striping at a Business Park located in the city of Irvine California. A local property management company called us and asked us to bid their project. A few weeks later we were awarded the project and completed this june. Read below to learn more about this asphalt maintenance project.

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About This Asphalt Sealing & Striping Project

This project was pretty straight forward. The customer had already taken really great care of their parking lot so it was pretty much just basic parking lot maitnenance stuff. We started by cleaning the lot and sealing about 1000 linear feet of cracks. Then, we sealocated the parking lot using "Guardtop Surry Seal". Once the sealcoating was dry and ready it was just a matter of painting back the parking lot lines, curbs and legends. All in all the project turned out great and the customer was very pleased.


  • Job Size: Apx 65,000 sf
  • Services Performed: Crack Sealing, Sealcoating, Parking Lot Striping
  • Time on Project: Apx (2) days

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Having a satisfied customer is our main goal at Empire-PLS. We do this by taking extra care on every project we perform. This is why our customers have good things to say about us. From Irvine Company to Meguires, we take care of our Irvine Customer.  Please contact us if you have a parking lot maintenance project in the near future or if you have any questions about this project.