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City of Industry Asphalt Repairs

This week in the City of Industry California, Empire Parking Lot Services was contracted to do some parking lot repairs for a local business. These repairs included truck line striping, parking lot stenciling, as well reflective road markers. What our customer needed was for us to implement their design of a intricate parking system to help with safety and efficiency with loading and unloading their fleet of shipping trucks. The design included a yellow painted 4" staging grid. This grid was painted using a high end standard water base product that was then coated with reflectorizing glass beads. These glass beads are used to allow the paint to become highly visible at night allowing trucks to see them with only their headlights. In addition to the glass beads, 3M amber road markers were applied using a heavy duty two part epoxy. These reflectors also helped to create a tactile and visual cues to the drivers while parking their rigs. Lastly the front entrance to there business was seal coated and striped including stop arrows and stencils. Take a look at the video below to see how this asphalt repair project turned out.


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About Empire Parking Lot Services

At Empire Parking Lot Services we take a lot of pride in offering the highest quality in parking lot repairs. These repairs include our four main categories including asphalt repair, concrete repair, sealcoating, & parking lot striping. However in addition to these four main repairs, we also offer many other types, and this project is a great example of some of those unique services we offer. Road marker installations, and the implementation of a complex layout system such as the one featured above are something we take very seriously. Many hours of communication go into creating and executing a project like this. Also, when we do a project like this for you, we never skimp on the types of materials used.  For example, only the highest rated 3M reflectors were used and as well as a high end traffic paints. If you take a close look at the video above, you will notice that the reflectors line up all the way through the project. Precision layout and execution are always done at Empire Parking Lot Services. Top all of this off with the fact that we were not the high bidder on this project tells us we are doing something right.