Asphalt Repair in the City of Orange

Sealing & Striping in the City of Orange

This week at Empire Parking Lot Services, we performed some crack fill, seal, and stripe in the City of Orange, California. Orange is non-coincidentally located in Orange County and considered to be a city with an abundance of rich history. Today the City of Orange is best known for its well preserved historic buildings and a great sense of community. A local senior living home called our company in regards to some asphalt repair they needed for their parking lot. Our estimator gave them a great price and they signed a contract for the job. After a having a conversation with the owner, our estimator was able to give them a competitive price that met their budget. Empire Parking Lot Services arrived to the business in the morning and proceeded to start cleaning, crack filling, sealing, and striping the parking lot. In total Empire did about 50,000 square feet of asphalt repair.



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About this Orange Paving Project

When our crew arrived at the job site, they found that the parking lot was covered in debris that had been dropped by trees planted there. This was more difficult than expected but the crew proceeded to sweep and blow off the entire parking lot. Once a significant amount of the lot was clean, some of the crew members began to crack fill the parking lot. Crack filling is a process where seal is put into the cracks in asphalt. This keeps water out of the parking lot and slows the break down of asphalt. Next, the crew began sealcoating the lot. Seal (thick black goo in the video) is like suntan lotion for the asphalt. This protects the parking lot from environmental wear & tear. It also provides a smooth black surface that prepares the lot for striping. Incidentally, this is what the crew did next. The final step to this project was striping. The crew painted the red curbs by hand (as seen in the video as well) and used parking lot striping machines to ensure the exactness of the parking stalls. Overall, this was a long, hard, and successful day.



About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to parking lot maintenance repairs such as this asphalt repair job, Empire Parking Lot Services is your safest bet. We love what we do and take pride in our work. Empire Parking Lot Services is Southern California's highest rated paving contractor with services including asphalt paving, concrete repair, seal coating and parking lot striping. We also specialize in ADA related repairs and many other services. We know what you're thinking, words are cheap -that is why we have created this link for you to see what others are saying about us. If you take the time to read through our reviews, you will see that our actions line up with our words. Call Empire today and put us to the test, you won't regret it!