Seal Coating Contractors: The Empire Parking Lot Services Difference

The Empire PLS Difference in Seal Coating Contractors:

There are many reasons to consider choosing Empire Parking Lot Services as your sealcoating contractor for your next project. However we are providing you with five more reasons to choose us.  Take a look below at the 5 reasons listed and ask yourself, "does my sealcoating contractor do that?"

Here are five more reasons to love Empire Parking Lot Services:

1. Empire Parking Lot Services, Inc takes before and after photos of each job to show the improvement a simple striping, sealcoating or asphalt job will make to a customer's parking lot.  At Empire Parking Lot Services we feel it is just as important to maintain the same professionalism and sales effort with customers we have done 5 or 15 projects for as it is with our brand new customers. Also by having this type of documentation available to the customer we have found that it is easier for our customers to communicate to their customers why and what needs to be done.

2. Empire Parking Lot Services, Inc prides itself on their customer referrals.  Without our customers referrals to friends, relatives and industry professionals, Empire Parking Lot Services wouldn't have become the company we are today.  Empire takes a lot of pride in the fact that customer referrals make up about 30 % of our current customer base.  Empire parking lot services thanks every one of our customers that take the time to post testimonials on our website or online.  Thank You Customers!

3. Here at Empire Parking Lot Services, Inc each employee prides themselves on quality and professional work.  We do not provide any type of work we ourselves would not be completely satisfied with. Each striping, sealcoating, and asphalt job Empire Parking Lot Services provides is nothing less than the best. Through this, we are able to gain additional work from all existing customers. In other words we don't bight off more than we can chew.

4. When bidding jobs, Empire Parking Lot Services will take a look at the lot and give an estimate based on their personal take of the project.  We will always provide an estimate free of charge with all possibilities of updates to be done, including but not limited to parking lot striping, sealcoating and asphalt work and many other services. We understand that sometimes customers need time to be comfortable with their project and their contractor.

5. Empire doesn't employ commission based salesmen.  Instead all of our salesmen are  on paid at salary rates to perform their sales services to their best abilities. By doing this our customers never have to worry about being gouged by a commission greedy salesmen.  To the best of our knowledge we are the only asphalt repair company located in Southern California that does this.

Empire Parking Lot Services, Inc considers each customer, both returning and new, as part of our future success in the seal coating contractor services industry. Our goal is simple in that we strive to  build lasting relationships with our customers, maintain those relationships with fair pricing, quality work and good communication and service those customers with state of the art technologies and service. If you have a parking lot sealcoating project coming up and would like a professional, detailed and quality proposal then give us a call today. 714-633-0300
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