Parking Lot Painting: What you Need to Know About Traffic Paint

  1. What you Need to Know about Traffic Paint

    The Good Stuff in the Paint is the Bad Stuff in the Environment.

    All traffic paint contains pigment. Pigment is the colored solid material left on the pavement after the liquids have evaporated and/or been absorbed into the pavement.  Contractors are usually surprised to learn that there is a frequently wide range in the percentage of pigment used by different manufacturers. The bad news however is that manufacturers are taking more and more of the solids and solvents out of these products making them less effective then their predecessors. It's not because they are trying to sabotage anyone it's just they have to comply with local laws for air quality and those laws deem what acceptable levels of solids and solvents can be placed in those paints.

    It's also important to be aware that some manufacturers use different solvents in their paint.  Therefore, some brands may not be chemically compatible with other brands of paint. Incompatible paints may not "mix" together if combine in the same pail. For example, Brand X alkyd striping paint may not combine with Brand Y or Brand Z alkyd striping paint.  Wise contractors always ask their dealer for this type of information.  This can also apply to paint on the ground.  Be sure to hire a parking lot painting contractor that has the foresight to know what products can go or what.  Often times we see where a customers will "paint the curbs in house" to save a few bucks.  This is where the nightmare begins.  When incompatible products are placed over one another the only real solution is total paint removal via sandblasting which can get costly.

    By comparing the net weights of similar types of paint made by various manufacturers, you'll instantly see which paint offers the most "solids." That will be the paint that weighs the most.  Of course, the heavily pigmented paints are unlikely to be the cheapest. Furthermore, in a recessed economy we have noticed that most people are not willing to pay for the better product.

    We try to urge every new customer to ask lots of questions from there contractors about paint compatibility.   Quite often a cheap job ends up costing them a small fortune in the long run.

    Our criteria in selecting paint, other than price:

    1. Workability

    2. Consistently

    3. Long life &  good "wear"

    4. Color retention characteristics

    5. Ability to stand up to hot tire

    6. Wash-ability

    Trust Our Parking Lot Repair Services

    Empire PLS has established a crew and special equipment dedicated to addressing these small jobs. This allowed us to offer parking lot painting and other services including repairing potholes in parking lots efficiently at a friendly price.  Empire-PLS is fully licensed and fully insured.  We are parking lot maintenance experts so, if it’s in a parking lot, we can fix it!

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