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Bollards Installed in LA This Week!

So this week we were asked to install some steel bollards on a few job sites throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. If you’re not familiar with bollards just click the link above that says bollards, and it will take you to a Google images page showing you some. Our customer was a small grocery chain that needed to protect the front of their store, from cars accidentally driving into the glass and walls. The reason some stores need bollards is typically because they don’t have a curb face. This store needed steel bollards to not only protect their walls and columns but some customer seating as well. If a person driving a car accidentally hit the gas instead of a brake pedal then they could wipe out an entire family. Our customer was proactive about adding these bollards as a precaution.

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About This Bollard Project

When we got to this job it was very early in the morning. It was important for us to get an early start to beat the shoppers and cars that we knew would be pouring into that area of work. The process of installing steel bollards is a tricky one in that there are three basic steps. The first step is to stage the job including barricades & layout. The Second step is to core drill the holes for the bollards to go into. The holes have to be as wide if not slightly wider than the diameter of the bollard being installed. Furthermore, the steel bollards have to be installed 3 feet deep into the ground in order for them to slow or stop any kind of traffic. Bollards by design are not meant to stop traffic or vehicles but what people have discovered over time is that they do. Some custom bollards can be installed that are truly rated to stop a vehicle up to a certain speed but in these applications steel pipe filled with concrete is the most affordable alternative to the very expensive rated ones. After the bollards where cemented in we added a protective plastic sheath that is designed to make the plain steel bollards look better as well as last longer by protecting them from the elements.

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