Irvine Business Gets New Steel Bollards Installed

Irvine Business Ceradyne Needed Steel Bollards Installed

So when Ceradyne Corp needed work done in there parking lot who did they call? You guessed it right Empire Parking Lot Services. This week we received a phone call from Ceradyne located in Irvine California. Irvine is located in South Orange County surrounded by cities such as El Toro, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, & Newport Beach. Ceradyne needed some steel bollards installed in their parking lot to protect an area where some of their employees eat lunch outside.  Ceradyne figured that since this area is near the parking lot they should take precautions and install some steel bollards to protect the area in question. Empire was called and we went out to their location and bid to install 5 steel barricades in the asphalt of their parking lot. Here is how the project turned out.


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About the Bollard Installation Project in Irvine California

Ceradyne loved the price so they scheduled the work for the next week. We showed up and barricaded the area off from the general public. Safety First!  Once the area was safe to work in we set up our core drilling equipment. Empire uses state of the art equipment including small and large core drilling rigs. These rigs are bolted down for operator safety and leave only tiny holes behind that are then patched with quickcrete.  After the holes where cored we placed the steel bollards into the holes and made sure they where level.  After the poles were set to a true position we concreted in the base to a depth of about 2 feet. After the concrete base has had a chance to set for about 30 minutes we then filled all of the steel bollards with cement as well. After all the bollards where placed and cemented in we cleaned them up and painted them OSHA safety yellow with a special epoxy paints made just for this purpose. We installed approximately 5 bollards and the project was completed in just less than 4 hours.


About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is one of Southern California’s leading companies when it comes to parking lot maintenance and asphalt repairs. Licensed to install asphalt, concrete, & seal coating, we have been satisfying companies like Ceradyne for all of their parking lot maintenance needs for many years. Street signs, traffic signs and steel bollards are just one more service that Empire offers there customers.  Call Empire-PLS today and we will send out one of our trained and knowledgeable estimators to help you get your bollards installed today. Call us toll-free at 877-760-2757 we would love to hear from you today.


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