Shot blasting Before Painting - A Simple Guide To Prepping Concrete

A Simple Guide to Prepping / Shot blasting Concrete before Painting

Why Does Paint Fail On Concrete

When we here at Empire-PLS need to paint a concrete floor or surface we find that most of the time that concrete surface needs to be prepared before trying to put paint on it.  Why you ask?  Well, what typically happens is that when paint is applied to a concrete surface that hasn't been prepped the paint will fail in a couple of different ways.  The first type of failure is the popping paint scenario.  This failure is when the paint pops off in large pieces throughout your project.  These areas can be especially bad where heavy traffic patterns exist or corners that are clipped by forklift, heavy traffic, etc.  Another type of failure often associated with lack of surface prep is the flaking scenario.  In this case the paint typically flakes off in smaller pieces and strips.  Either scenario you will typically find that the paint that has peeled, flaked or popped is clean on the concrete surface side.  The reason this happens is that many concrete surfaces and structures are too smooth or too dirty for the paint to properly adhere. This is where shot blasting comes in.

Concrete Prepping What Can Be Done

The first thing you need to know is that concrete preparation used to be very difficult.  With methods such as acid etching and sandblasting most contractors would just tell their customers to deal with the paint failure like it was a maintenance issue.  These days with services like shot-blasting it is easier than ever to get the floors prepped and ready to receive paint.  Floor coatings are becoming slightly less effective with restrictions being placed on them by federal and state organizations.  Many paint manufacturers are decreasing the numbers of solids, forcing contractors to place more than one coat of paint to get the desired finish their customers are accustomed to.  Because of these changes floor preparation is becoming increasingly more important to do.  By doing floor prep such as shot blasting, not only do you tend to get a finished painted surface that will stay down the first time, but you also get a product that looks better over time.

About Empire Parking Lot Services Shot blasting

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