Preparation of Concrete for Painting Lines

Best way to Prep Your Concrete for Paint

As a contractor we have several ways we can prep concrete to accept paint. Poorly prepared concrete surfaces can result in complete paint failure or partial paint failure. Nearly all paint failures can be blamed on the lack of surface preparation, which insures paint adhesion. To guarantee adhesion of the paint coatings to concrete surfaces and extend the life of the paint or coating your installing, be sure to select and proper surface preparation.  At the bare minimum, a concrete surface should be clean and free of dust and contaminants such as; mildew, rust, or chemicals.  In some cases we have had paint stay down on projects, with doing nothing more than sweeping and scrubbing the surface before paint application. The only problem is there is no way of knowing if your concrete floor will be one of them. The best thing you can do is to perform a test area on your concrete floor. First start off by cleaning and painting a small test spot of your coating in a high traffic area.  Leave the test area down for a week, and see how the paint reacts. However keep in mind that concrete can be very tricky. You may get a good test result back from your test area and still have areas of massive failure appear later on down the line. That’s why we suggest shot blasting.

Shot Blasting For the Best Bond

For a truly solid bond of paint and concrete Empire Parking Lot Services uses
shot blasting. This method of concrete prep has allowed us to put lines and coatings down that have lasted as long as 10 years. Shot blasting creates a mechanical profile for other applied materials including paint to bond to. Its a  self contained vacuum that uses a "shotgun like" shot, that pings the ground, opening the surface allowing paint to adhere.Take a look at the video below. In this shotblasting video you will see our shotblasting techs using a shot blasting machine to profile a (5) inch area to allow painted lines to adhere to a concrete surface.  Costco hires Empire Parking Lot Services to install these lines on many of their services areas and tire centers. Even though the process takes time to install Costco loves it because its solves security and safety issues for them, for a long time.

About Empire-PLS Shot blasting Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is Southern California’s premier parking lot & warehouse maintenance company.  Every day we help our management customers, contractors as well as our direct owners with all of their parking lot & warehouse maintenance needs including shot blasting.  Empire Parking Lot Services offers top notch parking lot repair and warehouse maintenance services to the entire Southern California area.  Our service area includes Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego as well as parts of Ventura.  Contact us today if you have any questions about any project you may have upcoming.  Empire-PLS is a fully licensed & fully bonded shot blasting contractor company.

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