Empire Helps Local Business with Achieving ADA Compliance


Empire Helps Local Business Resolve ADA Compliance Issues

This week in Los Angeles, California Empire Parking Lot Services was contacted by a local Los Angeles based business that was facing an ADA lawsuit. These lawsuits have been steadily increasing in numbers for over the past 10 years, and they are forecasted to become more prevalent in the future as well.  Our customer approached us with some concerns after they were contacted by an attorney over their ADA parking not being in ADA Compliance.  In this case the customer provided us with their own scope of work.  Typically we would go out to their place of business and make recommendations but our customer knew what he wanted already.  He provided us with the plan and we executed it exactly as he drafted.  Some of our customers try to only tackle the ADA issues that they can afford to repair instead of fixing the entire center.  This customer chose to do just that.

After seeing the parking lot, we put a proposal together and supplied them with a price as well a plan to tackle their ADA Compliance project. In the customers case the problem was pretty simple. They had one area of handicap parking that was not up to code. The main issue was related to the grade of their asphalt. In particular their handicap ramp needed to be raised up, so that they met the ADA requirement of less than 2% grade. Once we provided them with a proposal they made the decision to go with us, and we scheduled a date to do the repairs.

ADA Compliance Los Angeles

The Day Of the ADA Repairs

We arrived at site at 6 am and roped off the area. This project was located in Los Angeles, so extra care had to be done to make sure the area of ADA Compliance was clear and available from cars and pedestrians. Typically, this means taking an area a little larger than the actual work area, so that our trucks and equipment can get in and out safely.  Once the area was sectioned off with barricades we started with the repairs.  These repairs mostly consisted of raising the grade of the asphalt so that it did not exceed 2% in fall.  Other than that all they needed was for us to install the appropriate signage, install a concrete wheel stop, and paint down the appropriate parking lot striping and stencils. The work took Empire-PLS crews about 6 hours to complete, and all problems were addressed.


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