Athletic Field Striping At Whittier College Goes Well

Whittier College Gets New Lacrosse Field Striping

Today Empire Parking Lot Services painted Whittier Colleges lacrosse courts on artificial turf. Did you know that the Whittier Lacrosse Program was established in 1980? In that year the Poets became a member of the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL). Their LAX team has been a national contender every year since 2000 in the NCAA, as a quarter-finalist in 2003, and a semi-finalist in 2004. Go Poets! sports field painting is just one more service that Empire Parking Lot Services offers throughout the Southern California Area. Whittier college needed the striping cone in time for the new season so they called us for a quote. They had used others in the past but wanted to try someone new this go round.


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About this Sports Field Painting Project

The job basically consisted of several thousand feet of blue, red and white lines painted on artificial turf. Sports Field Painting is very similar to parking lot striping with a few exceptions. The first exception is artificial turf is a washable latex based product. This means when football season is over, and it’s time to play soccer, these lines can easily be removed. These paints are still bright and visible from the bleachers but can easily be removed when necessary. The second big difference is the layout. It’s not quite as easy to layout a field marking design on grass artificial or real, as it is to lay out that striping on concrete or asphalt.  That’s where our experience comes in handy. The job was completed in just one day and the new field markings came out great.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services offers many types of striping and markings. These include line striping on concrete and asphalt, such as parking lots, parking structures and loading zones etc. These markings would include curb painting, ground stencils and specialty items such as ADA marking and truncated domes.

At Empire, we also offer a complete line of industrial line marking applications including 2 part epoxy paints, urethane paint applications, and floor sealers. These services are often needed in warehouse environments and are designed to organize products better and maximizing your warehouse space to hold product in a more intelligent way.

Lastly we have been painting playgrounds, game courts, and athletics markings. Empire Parking Lot Services striping division is not only expert installers of these types of markings but also understand the complexities of the layouts and the different product choices.

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