Project of the Month March 2011 Tesla Motors Newport Beach Ca

Tesla Motors Gets New Truncated Domes at Newport Beach Dealership

Empire Parking Lot Services "parking lot maintenance project of the month" goes to A Tesla dealership located in the city of Newport Beach, California.  Surrounded by the cities of Huntington Beach, Dana Point, & Irvine, CA, Tesla Motors is one of only 17 locations worldwide that sells the sleek and sexy Model S and the Roadster. What Tesla Newport needed done was some truncated domes and ADA striping that would help to bring the dealership up to code. Tesla Motors required the contractors bidding this project to use specific materials and products for the installation of the ADA items. Safety Step truncated domes where required and we were to color match the existing brick for painting out the old striping, so that the new striping could be painted. Once Empire Parking Lot Services was awarded the contract for the project we started the wheels in motion.

About this ADA Parking Lot Maintenance Project

As stated above, this parking lot maintenance project was mainly an ADA upgrade to existing parking lot features that were not compliant with the city of Newport Beach, as well as the Federal ADA codes. The features we needed to fix on this project included the installation of new truncated domes using the safety step tactile warning system, as well as the removal of old parking lot striping and painting new striping that was compliant. Since Tesla runs a very clean dealership, with a stylish look and design, standard yellow truncated domes would have clashed horribly. With the safety step system you have several colors to choose from (see chart below) Tesla chose gray colored mats, and as you can see it came out very nice.

Truncated dome mat color choices


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