Warehouse Sign Hanging Performed In Ontario California

Warehouse Sign Hanging for in Ontario California

Ontario Warehouse Gets New Signs Installed

This month Empire Parking Lot Services had the pleasure of working with one of the newer grocery chains. In basic terms what our customer needed was bar code warehouse sign installation and rack labels installed throughout their warehouse. These labels and signs are design with a bar code that is scanner ready and readable from long ranges so that their employees can place and pull inventory and update their inventories in real time.


About This Warehouse Sign Installation Project

Our customer told us that they where installing a new WMS (warehouse management system) that included PVC Plastic upright labels, pallets racks labels (cycle count type), dock doors signs, staging signs, as well as block storage signs with bar code technology incorporated into almost all of them. In total there was a about 3000 signs with various methods of installation required. Many of the signs are labels that are installed with a basic peel & stick application. Several hundred of the signs, about three hundred, where hung from the rafters using our safety install system. This system ensures if one sign is snagged or fails for any reason, the rest of the signs will not fall with them. Another great advantage to this system is if the signs need to be adjusted to a higher or lower position it can be done easily. Lastly we installed their dock door signs on the exterior of the building and wrapped up another great project. Our customer was very pleased with the warehouse sign installation and is already adding a another section to the already completed project.


About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to warehouse identification sign and label contractors on the West Coast, Empire-PLS can’t be beat. Our services include warehouse labels, rack labels, warehouse sign installation, floor location labels as well as aisle markers. At Empire-PLS we offer a huge variety in sign and label installation solutions. Also, we offer painted markings such as numbering and lettering. These tools combined with our long term warehouse markings and floor striping, will help organize your space and increase you productivity. Empire-PLS’s specialty is a durable warehouse floor marking installed using two part epoxies on bead blasted concrete. Backed by our written 5 year guarantee, many of our customers have told us our paint still looks great ten years later. Short term maintenance backed paint systems, as well as floor tape installations are also offered.  If you aren’t sure what kind of paint is best for your facility then can advise the best solutions for your project. If necessary we can even run an affordable paint test that can determine paint adhesion feasibility for your concrete surface. This full cost of this test will be applied to all signed contracts. All of our products and services are designed to be durable enough to withstand and survive the warehouse and distribution environment. When it comes to the West Coast there is no better warehouse maintenance company to call than Empire Parking Lot Services, but please don’t take our word for it, referrals can be supplied to you from some of the most respected names in distribution and warehouse management.
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