Rubber Speed Bumps Installation in Irvine Ca.

Rubber Speed Bumps Solve the Problem of Speedy Vehicles

This week Empire Parking Lot Services installed rubber speed bumps at the Culver Auto Spa located in Irvine California. These speed bumps are a great alternative when trying to slow traffic in busy areas.  For the Auto Spa that was the exact reason why they needed them. 

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Why Irvine’s Auto Spa Chose the Rubber Speed Bumps

When the Culver Auto Spa had originally approached us about their problem, there was a lot of discussion about which type of speed bump they wanted us to install for them. We explained that the options included asphalt speed bumps, concrete speed bumps or rubber speed bumps. After we spent some time educating the customer about the different advantages and disadvantages, they ended up choosing the rubber option because it fit there need best. I told them that I would recommend rubber speed bumps. But I supplied them pricing for all three. After discussing the project with the owner of the car wash they ended up choosing the rubber speed bumps.

Speed Bump Cost Breakdown

Here is a breakdown for Supplying and installing rubber, concrete, and asphalt speed bumps. We also are going to discuss the basic advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other. These price averages are based on installing a (20’) speed bump at 6” high. Please keep in mind that these are budget numbers we are discussing and a formal bid would be required for any project we do. Because there are so many variables when it comes to speed bumps the best thing you can do is call us today to discuss what your options are. 

Concrete Speed Bumps:

Average cost range for a (20’) concrete speed bump installed is $1000.00-1300.00 per location

The main advantage with a concrete speed bump installation is that concrete last a very long time. Also, with little to no maintenance concrete can save you money over time. Concrete speed bumps are far less likely to breakdown and can last up to ten years.  With concrete speed bumps you will only have to paint the speed bumps once every year or so, and they look more natural in concrete parking lots. It is important to keep in mind that concrete speed bumps shouldn’t be used in previously built parking structure scenarios. Concrete speed bumps built on top of existing concrete surfaces cannot achieve the strength required or the longevity needed to with stand auto and truck traffic. Consider all options before making a choice about speed bumps on your property.

We guarantee our concrete speed bumps to last up to (5) years under normal traffic and wear. If any breakage occurs we will fix it at no charge to you, exempting only hairline cracks.

     Asphalt Speed Bumps:

Average cost for a (20’) asphalt speed bump installed is $750.00-1000.00 per bump

The main advantage of the asphalt speed bump is that it is cost effective. It is the least expensive choice of the three speed bump types, and the most commonly installed. Another consideration is that asphalt speed bumps offer a high color contrast when installed on concrete surfaces, as well as the asphalt speed bumps can be installed in a relatively short amount of time. Over time however, an asphalt speed bump will become unstable and start to breakdown.  Another con is that asphalt speed bumps need to be seal coated and striped on an annual basis in order to keep the asphalt from becoming brittle. Consider all options before making a choice about speed bumps on your property. 

We guarantee our asphalt speed bumps to last up to (1) year under normal traffic and wear conditions, if any breakage occurs we will fix it at no charge to you.


Rubber Speed Bumps:

Average cost range for a (20’) rubber speed bump installed is $1200.00-1500.00

Our rubber speed bumps are available in both (4') & (6') sections. We also offer decorative end caps that protect the speed bump and give it a finished look.  Rubber speed bumps are a good option for several reasons. First, they are easy to remove if you change your mind about the placement of the speed bump (which many people do). Second, it is a very durable product that last a long time without the need for painting or sealing, and holds up nicely against weather and water. Another advantage the rubber speed bump offers is molded reflective markings built onto the speed bump itself. These reflective markings allow the speed bump to be seen in the day as well as the night. Other speed bumps can be made reflective with glass beads added to the paint at an additional cost.  One con against the rubber speed bumps would be the cost. They are the most expensive option in the group. Also, rubber speed bumps can be stolen. Although this doesn't happen often, it can happen. Rubber speed bumps cannot be re-painted, once the markings on the speed bump start to fail they start to look shoddy and show wear. Consider all options before making a choice about speed bumps on your property.

We guarantee our rubber speed bump installations to last up to (3) years. We also guarentee the speed bumps rubber for (1) year, and the reflective tape for (1) year. anchoring, under normal traffic and wear conditions, if any breakage occurs we will fix it at no charge to you.


About Speed Bumps

Overall, speed bumps are a good investment for any parking lot or driveway where vehicles need to be slowed. Also, make sure to let your insurance carrier know that you are installing them, because often times they can reduce your insurance premiums. Other reasons to install speed bumps include added safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and the temporary or long term ability to lower vehicle speeds.  If you’re thinking of having speed bumps installed give us a call and let us know. We will provide you with formal pricing and great advice.

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