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Reflectorized Striping | Why Property Managers & Property Owners Should Consider it.

Did you know that Empire Parking Lot Services is not just an asphalt repair company? We offer far more services than most Southern California paving contractors, including some of the newest and most innovative products for the parking lot and warehouse maintenance industry. Although we do offer all of the typical parking lot maintenance services, such as asphalt repair, concrete repair, and seal coating, we also help our customers solve more unique problems such as this month’s featured “product spotlight” on reflectorized striping. Learn more below about the benefits of reflectorized striping, and why it’s not just being used on airports & freeways anymore.


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About Reflectorized Striping

Since the 1940’s glass beads have been added to line striping on the freeways and roads across the United States. Originally it was added to the lines to help drivers navigate through the blackouts during WWII. But lately, more and more property owner and managers are using glass beads to help reduce the number of accidents that can occur in the parking lot.  The reason for using glass beads is simple, It makes parking lot markings, such as stop and bar stencils and painted center lines that divide traffic, show up much better at night. (see photo below). By adding glass beads to the parking lot striping, the paint reflects the drivers headlights back at them wherever the paint is beaded making it glow brightly and show up much better.

These glass beads make the striping stand out better, and in return can greatly reduce the overall safety of your parking lots driveways and entrances. On the project above located at a mall in southern California you can see a side by side comparison of what the striping looks like with and without glass beads or reflectorizing. Many malls and busy shopping centers are looking for cost effective ways to reduce their exposure to costly litigation. Glass beads over fresh parking lot markings are a perfect fit for that. For just a little bit extra cost you get quite a bit of punch. Furthermore, glass beads really only need to go onto your crosswalks, stops and other critical markings that affect pedestrians in cars and on foot.


About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services offers parking lot maintenance and warehouse maintenance services throughout Southern California. Our service areas include Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, & Orange County. We also offer services to parts of Ventura and San Diego. Our services include asphalt repair, concrete repair, seal coating, parking lot striping, as well as very unique services such as glass beads or reflectorized striping, truncated domes, safety bollards, speed bump installations and many others. In addition to the parking lot repairs we do each day, Empire also offers warehouse repair services to concrete. These services include striping lines in epoxy paint, acid resistant floor coatings, sign hanging services, and shot blasting, plus many others. Call us today if you have a project that you need help on. We would love to add you to our list of happy customers.