Warehouse Floor Stenciling at Chino Federal Express

Warehouse Floor Stenciling at Federal Express Chino

When it comes to warehouse maintenance services, no one does a better job for you then Empire-PLS. Some of the biggest names in the business world have entrusted us to keep their warehouse floors up to date with the latest cost saving applications for cleaning, marking, and specialty coatings.  Our latest project for Federal Express is a perfect example of one of those advances.  Our customer had approached us with a unique request. They needed their warehouse floor stencils aka numbering scheme (number stencils) marked out in a paint that was durable enough to stand up to the hundreds of thousands of packages that go through their facility on any given day. Furthermore it needed to stand up to the abuse of forklifts, trucks, and pallets. We had painted some stencils in their facility in the past however, with the current technologies available it was costly to do it with epoxies. We settled for enamels that dried faster and held up for about a year but over time this became expensive, and our customer asked us to come up with a plan to get epoxy numbering installed quickly and affordably. This way their numbers could last as long as the lines (5 years and still look great). Read more below to see how we solved the problem for Federal Express and how the project turned out.


About our Warehouse Floor Stencil Project

As mentioned above our customer was looking for a better solution to their warehouse floor stenciling needs at their distribution facility. The stencils had to be clear, they had to be painted in epoxies, and the work had to be done quickly and affordably. What we did was to create a stencil that was disposable. We shifted the potential cost from labor to creating single use stencils that could be painted, and then thrown away. And although the stencils where not super inexpensive, they created enough cost savings to get the job done without the problems associated with the traditional approach. These problems included smearing, dripping, and labor for cleaning the stencils every few applications. With the new stencils we could place any message, anywhere, in any size or font quickly and neatly. Needless to say the customer was extremely pleased with the finished project as were we.

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Warehouse Floor Stenciling

  Warehouse Floor Stenciling



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