Paving Around People Safely

I recently read the article "5 Tips for Paving an Open Business" by Jessica Stoikes, a writer for an industry website called, which discusses all things paving related. The article was to the point and full of very valuable information; essentially that working on a project during business hours requires excellent coordination skills and the ability to plan ahead to divert potentially problematic scenarios.


Whether it's a matter of communicating details to customers and traffic, or taking turns with which areas of the job site are to be worked on at a certain time, there is much that can be done to reduce the stress and the number of incidents that happen on the job. Try to avoid the time of day that has the highest amount of traffic, and remember to be patient- with both the traffic around your crew and the time it takes to complete the job itself!

After reading this article, it got us thinking about how Empire Parking Lot Services can improve our own safety operations on these open paving projects. We currently utilize standard safety procedures such as work area maps for crews, customers, and tenants, as well as delineation and signage, to keep areas closed off from pedestrian traffic. Moving forward, we will also be offering a few new measures for our projects.


  • An option for the contracted service of security guards that will work with our crews to add that extra level of safety for projects which pose greater levels of risk to people.
  • Interlocking barricades for projects such as busy strip centers, and shopping malls.
  • Additional signage including reader boards for more effective communication. After  all, when it comes to communicating where a pedestrian should or shouldn't go on an  open construction project, nothing is as effective as a large electric sign.


At Empire Parking Lot Services, we know that becoming the best paving company in our industry requires constant growth and learning, as well as thinking outside of the box. That’s why we appreciate "For Construction Pros" articles. When we read these articles, it reminds us to ask ourselves the question, "How can we be a better, safer, smarter paving company?"