What is an Asphalt Overlay?

If you have damage to your pavement it is important to address that damage right away and prevent further damage from occurring. What do you do when you cannot afford to replace your asphalt but sealcoating is not enough? One such service that Empire Parking Lot Services offers is an asphalt overlay.

What is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt overlay helps repair the top layer of asphalt like new. Instead of just paving a new layer of asphalt atop of old asphalt, removing the top layer of asphalt can make way for new asphalt to be blended together with other surrounding asphalt.

Copy of Mazda of Orange Milling

(Milled asphalt ready to be overlayed)


What is Asphalt Grinding?

Milling (grinding) is a simple way of removing that extra layer of existing asphalt so that a new asphalt overlay can create a nice flawless appearance and extend the life of your existing pavement. After asphalt has been milled, a new layer of liquid asphalt will help bond with the new asphalt overlay. 

Copy of Mazda of Orange Overlay

(Fresh asphalt overlay, Mazda of Orange)


What equipment is needed?

Grinding or milling asphalt repair projects can range from small to large areas. For small projects a simple walk behind grinder can help remove the top layer of asphalt which then is covered and filled with new asphalt. For medium-sized projects a skid steer grinder can be used which has a hydraulic system that can cut through asphalt very precisely and rapidly. For larger repairs of asphalt we use asphalt pulverization equipment to grind away the old asphalt. This equipment can remove from 1 inch to five feet of old asphalt. With this kind of road milling equipment, large projects can be done quickly. Empire Parking Lot Services, located in Orange County, can offer these services and help you decide what kind of asphalt repair your parking lot or other pavement area may need.



Quality parking lot repair services are available right here in Orange County, CA. Make sure to keep up with your parking lot repairs to avoid any costly situations that could arise, like further asphalt damage. Asphalt milling and overlay not only helps with the appearance of your parking lot pavement, it also helps correct and address any safety concerns that damage in pavement could cause. Empire Parking Lot Services in Orange County can help address any repair concerns right away, contact us for a free estimate at 714-633-0300.

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