Repair Asphalt to Prevent Costly Damages

Aesthetics is not the only reason why a parking lot should be in good condition. Not only is it important for appearance, and easy to drive on, it is important to be sure the parking lot pavement is checked for any needed repairs.

Cracks in Asphalt

Over time cracks that can develop within asphalt need to be repaired. Cracks should be sealed so that there is no water infiltration within the asphalt. If the cracks have not been sealed can cause water infiltration that can erode the subbase of the asphalt. After the cracks have been treated, it is also good to have a seal coat. When the asphalt of the parking lot is sealed it provides a protective barrier. This barrier protects against UV rays, any water, gasoline or oil
from vehicles or other spills. If moisture or any other harmful substances seep into the subbase, it can damage the asphalt causing a more serious issue. When sealed correctly this significantly prolongs the life of your pavement.

Copy of ProServe Mechanical; Kids First Funding; Corona (19-171) JP (9)

(Seal coat applied to new asphalt.)

Why Repair Parking Lot Asphalt?

Any areas of concern for repair should be addressed. Any damages within the asphalt are precisely cut and repaired with new asphalt. Cracks within the asphalt can also be filled with new asphalt and sealed. The sealant improves the bonding with the surrounding asphalt. During winter months weather can cause erosion to parking lot asphalt. Rain can easily fall between any cracks in the asphalt. This should be corrected as soon as possible.

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(Crackfill applied to cracks prior to a seal coat.)

Potholes in Pavement

Asphalt can often wear down and create potholes, this usually occurs from cracks that have not been repaired. If potholes are not repaired they can cause more serious damage to the pavement, which is more costly to fix.

Potholes should be filled to keep a smooth driving surface. A pothole can also cause serious liability if anyone was to get injured, or if it were to cause any hazard or damage to vehicles. Repairing any potholes can eliminate any further damage from occurring to the pavement, and prevent liability from any injury situation that could occur from a pothole. Repairing asphalt cracks or potholes timely is very cost-effective rather than allowing time to go by in which further damage may occur to the asphalt.

Make sure to have your parking lot pavement professionally checked and repair any asphalt cracks or potholes before the asphalt needs to be replaced which is much more costly.


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