Do I need bollards?

Many features go into the design of a safely functioning parking lot. Safety features are installed throughout a parking lot. For example, traffic signs are important for directing traffic in a parking lot, speed bumps slow the traffic flow, and other safety features including safety bollards, or steel bollards, are used to protect structures and fixtures within or around a building.

Why would I need steel bollards?

Safety steel bollards are large steel posts that help vehicles avoid the potential error of crashing into objects or property. These bollards mark potential obstacles and offer some protection of property if crashed into. They can also protect interior fixtures such as pipes or other areas in a warehouse for instance. Steel bollards are used for safety purposes for interior and exterior cautionary protection as needed. 

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Safety bollards can be placed as temporary fixtures, or permanent. When installed permanently, these steel bollards are filled with concrete. You most likely have seen these safety bollards, often painted yellow, placed in front of buildings to prevent drivers from crashing into the property.


There are many requirements that are required for safety and efficiency of a well designed parking lot. See more parking lot design features here: Anatomy of a Parking Lot.


Empire Parking Lot Services in Orange County, CA can assist with installing any parking lot safety features. All safety bollards we install are made of 100% steel and they are constructed and installed to last for many years. We can also assist with repair or repainting of bollards to keep them in good condition.  We are a fully licensed and insured steel bollard installation contractor. Empire can paint or replace bollards as needed. We use high quality polyurethane coatings that won't fade from sunlight.


Safety bollards available:

  • 4" Bollards
  • 6" Bollards
  • 8" Bollards
  • Special order
  • Crash Barriers
  • Removable Bollards
  • Lockable Bollards
  • Custom fabrications



Empire Parking Lot Services expertise for designing a flawless parking lot and installing safety features, including bollards, goes beyond standard expectations.  Contact us today for more information on installing or repairing safety bollards at (714) 633-0300.

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