Anaheim Asphalt Repair at Express Pipe & Supply

Express Pipe & Supply in Anaheim Gets a New Parking Lot

Last weekend Empire Parking Lot Services was called out to the city of Anaheim California to do some extensive asphalt repairs for Express Pipe and Supply. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's probably because they are a very large company with over 14 locations in the Southern California market. They offer a wide variety of pipe and plumbing supplies including commercial, industrial, and residential applications. If you want to learn more about Express Pipe just click on their name to see their website. Another reason they sound familiar is that we have worked with them earlier in this year on another project that we blogged about as well. That project was a large overlay at in their shipping yard however this time around Express Pipe needed to get some work done at their Anaheim facility that included asphalt repairs, ADA upgrades, as well as some wheel stops and stencil work. Read below for a complete breakdown of what was done at their Anaheim location.


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 About this Asphalt Overlay:

As mentioned above this project consisted of asphalt repairs, as well as some ADA upgrades and miscellaneous striping and stencil painting. As far as the asphalt repairs done on this project goes, they are a perfect example of how much impact an asphalt overlay can have on a aged and distressed parking lot. Express Pipes Anaheim facility had badly worn asphalt, but for the most part not a lot of cracks or failure showing. This typically means when the asphalt was originally installed they did a good job doing so.

Once our estimator and Express Pipe agreed that an overlay was the right solution we quickly got started on the job. Out crews had some small amount of prep work to do before the installation of the new asphalt that included grinding the edges of the asphalt where it met up with the concrete flow lines and sidewalks, as well as some minor demo work including some unneeded curbs and the widening of a planter. The asphalt overlay was installed at a 1" thickness and applied by machine. We used over 110 tons of asphalt on the project and spent over 6 hours rolling the asphalt to a maximum density. With the paving completed, the parking lot was painted to its existing design and new handicap signs, concrete wheel stops were installed. All in all the project turned great and once again the customer was pleased. At Empire Parking Lot Services this is always are number one goal!.

Asphalt Repair Asphalt Overlay Anaheim California 

About Empire Parking Lot Services

At Empire our goal is to install the finest asphalt material using the best application methods known to our industry. For our customers our primary goal is to always ensure that our they receive an honest evaluation of their parking lot needs and to solve their pavement related problems at a fair price. Each and every day it is our goal to earn and keep the respect of our customers because we know without them Empire Parking Lot Services wouldn't exist. Big Thanks to Express Pipe & Supply once again for trusting us with their asphalt overlay project!