Asphalt Repair for Santa Ana Business Park

Santa Ana Business Park gets New Asphalt Repairs

This week at Empire Parking Lot Services, we were called back out to Santa Ana California to do some pavement repairs in a parking lot located on Bristol Street. The parking lot in question was badly damaged. The we performed there included a large pavement overlay,  some concrete flow lines (also referred to as concrete gutter), and lastly we applied sealcoat and parking lot striping, to the entire parking area. The customer on this project was a return customer, and we love that! They had us repair some of their other properties before, and loved the work, so they gave us a shot at a new project. Take a look below at the short video of our amazing crew performing the repairs.



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This Asphalt Repair Projects Quick Stats:

As mentioned above the project consisted of some heavy asphalt repairs that included over 91 tons of new material being installed by way of 11,000 sf overlay as well as 1200 sf of removal and replacement. In addition to the pavement repairs that were done out there, we also did some flow line repairs including the  demolishing and removal of 285 lf of (4') concrete swale or flow line. Once we removed the broken flow line we installed new concrete flow line in its place.  With both the concrete and paving completed we next moved on to the sealcoating portion of the project. The entire parking lot was thoroughly cleaned and a heavy coat of "Guardtop Material" was installed. At Empire we only use high end premium products on your job and yes if you were wondering, it does make a big difference in terms of wear and value. Lastly we did some line striping including the painting back the lines and markings to their existing configuration. We painted approximately 40 double white lines, 3 handicap stalls, and reset about ten wheel stops. All in all the project turned out perfect. We hot the project done in 3 days including all trades. The customers tenants were not affected by the repairs, and most importantly the customer was thrilled with the work.




About Empire Parking Lot Services

At Empire we are constantly working towards building customer trust and loyalty. We want our asphalt repair customers to have a good feeling every time they contract with us. This desire starts from the top and is constantly reinforced with each employee along the chain of communication.  From receptionist to estimator to production and ultimately to the field workers where the work gets done. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to contractors and we want you to consider us as your primary paving contractor.

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