Petromat Overlay Repairs: A Visual Guide

Sometimes an asphalt pavement parking lot reaches a level of distress that requires more than the typical "pothole repair" or "skin patch" to remedy its issues.   If your parking lot gets there, you’re probably a good candidate for a petromat overlay.  A petromat overlay is a process of asphalt repair that saves you time and money by utilizing your existing damaged asphalt in conjunction with a standard overlay repair.  The big difference between a standard overlay and a petromat overlay is the petromat fabric that is used in forming a barrier to water infiltration and absorbing stresses to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking of the asphalt overlay.  A petromat overlay may be an affordable alternative to a complete asphalt removal and replacement.

Take a look below at this illustration that shows the layers of the petromat overlay system for a better understanding of how it works.

Petromat Overlay Dissected

Petromat Overlay Disected

All parking lots are built on a sub grade.  When it is time to install asphalt for a parking lot, the contractor will bring in some base material first.  When a parking lot is being newly installed, a contractor will use base material such as  sand clay or lime rock.  Once the base material is in place, asphalt can be spread out and rolled to a smooth finish, typically 4" inches in thickness.  When that same asphalt has aged and become damaged from day to day use and other factors, it will start to crack.  If enough of your parking lot becomes distressed like this, you may consider a petromat overlay.  This type of parking lot repair saves money by allowing you to keep in place many of the components that make up an asphalt parking lot.

If you have any questions about the damage in your parking lot and think that you may be a good candidate for a petromat overlay repair,  give Empire Parking Lot Services  a call today to discuss your project.

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