ADA Compliance & Parking Upgrades

ADA Compliance Upgrades


ADA parking upgrades will often require several factors in order to meet compliance:

1. Removal of the existing handicap stalls and signage.

2. Layout and design per plans.

3. Paint handicap stalls and install proper ADA signs and posts.

When removing existing ADA stalls, it is best to visit the job site to compare the existing layout with the approved set of plans.  This will allow you to determine what striping and signage needs to be removed and  see first hand any obstacles, or deviations, that may not be reflected on the drawings.

ADA Compliance

Once these details are verified, the scheduling of the removal may begin.  For concrete surfaces, shot blasting is a very effective method.  This equipment will remove the paint entirely without any mess or clean-up. Also only minute fraction of the concrete is affected. Even sandblasting removes more concrete when used as a form of paint removal.


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