ADA Parking Striping for Irwindale Business

ADA Upgrade in Irwindale California

Handicap Update for ADA Inspection

Today in Irwindale California a city located in Los Angeles, Empire Parking Lot Services was hired to help our customer get their handicaps updated to the latest ADA codes.   Empire Parking Lot Services has been performing ADA updates for a long time.  When our customers called us they told us what was required by the city of Irwindale to get there parking current with the ADA standards while performing some necessary construction. Often times when companies are moving into a new facility and making some changes to to that facility the city will ask you to bring the ADA up to code as well.

In order for our customers to get current with the federal ADA compliance and standards, they had update 5 thing.

    • Take an existing area of parking lot stalls and black them out using a water-base traffic paint.
    • Layout that same area of parking to include the required 6 handicap parking spaces according to code.
    • Install all new handicap signs including standard signs, van signs and 1 entry sign to code.
    • Install 6 (4') wheel stops to protect our new sign post from the vehicles parking in the newly painted stalls.
    • Paint the required "No Parking" stencils on the new crosshatches that separate each handicaps.

How this ADA Parking Lot Striping Work Went Down

We arrived at the ADA updates project in the morning at about 10:00 am.  Our customer was there to meet us and ask a few simple questions.  We used our blowers to clean off the area where the work would was performed.  We laid out all of the lines for the ada work including double line stalls, the handicap stalls, and some very large crosshatches that extended across the roadway.  Once the layout was completed, we sprayed the lines and crosshatches, and painted out the handicap boxes.  While the paint dried, we decided it was time to get the handicap signs installed, and the concrete wheel-stops pinned in.  After 4 hours, the project was completed and done just in time for there 3 pm inspection.  .......No Problems


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