Warehouse Floor Striping in San Bernardino

Warehouse Floor Striping in San Bernardino

This past weekend Empire Parking Lot Services returned to San Bernardino to do more warehouse floor striping. The line striping was performed at the same project we wrote about before.  From what I hear It seems like warehouse floor striping is similar to tattoos in that once you get some done you keep finding more you want to get done and we like that.  Are project again is located in San Bernardino County.  San Bernardino County is Located to the east of Los Angeles and Orange County and to the North of Riverside County.


Warehouse Striping San Berbardino

More Warehouse Floor Line Striping

This go around what our customers needed from Empire PLS is to do the second half of their 150,000 sf warehouse distribution facility. Their facility is a large industrial distribution unit that serves the entire Southern California area.  The last time we worked in their distribution center we laid out and painted the north side of the center which basically made up half of the entire facility. This time you guessed it, we did the other half. This warehouse floor striping project was painted using very durable 2 part epoxy paint.  This was a particularly difficult layout that we needed to do for them so it took awhile to get all the lines laid out 100% perfectly.  But once the lay out was complete we got the job done and the customer loved it.

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Empire Parking Lot Services is Southern California’s premier parking lot maintenance company.  Every day we help our management customers, contractors as well as our direct owners with all of their parking lot maintenance needs including warehouse floor striping.  Empire Parking Lot Services offers top notch parking lot repair and warehouse maintenance services to the entire Southern California area.  Our service area includes Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego as well as parts of Ventura.  Contact us today if you have any questions about any project you may have upcoming.  Empire Parking Lot Services is a fully licensed & fully bonded asphalt contractor company.

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