Los Angeles Warehouse Floor Striping For Costco

Costco Gets Warehouse Striping Done

A Costco in Los Angeles Gets Warehouse Striping Installed

Warehouse Line Painting in 2 Part Epoxy

One of our best customer is the Costco stores of California. Costco uses Empire Parking Lot Services for a number of services including warehouse striping, parking lot painting, and basic parking lot maintenance. This week we performed line painting in the warehouse, also known as warehouse floor painting. Costco uses warehouse floor painting in there receiving areas and tire service areas to help designate employee walk ways or customer access control lines.  When a Costco store needs to get a line painted on concrete that will last for years, they call us.  Empire-PLS offers a top notch product & installation service that can last under the most abusive of environments.  Our system is called a Macro Poxy System. This is a 2 part paint application. When it comes to warehouse floor striping and line striping systems there is none better.


About the Warehouse Line Painting Job

When it comes to warehouse line painting there is a very important timeline that needs to be adhered to.  Furthermore, when it comes to working in a Costco facility, there is a very narrow time line that they can afford as well.  This is where Empire-PLS really shines. We understand the complexities of these projects and we can foresee almost all factors that come down the line on a typical warehouse floor striping project. Some of the variables that we deal with on a typical project include time constraints, paint pot life, and most of all job site safety. When you add on top of a complex layout as well as an active working environment, it can be quite the challenge.  Although this project was small, it was no exception. The moment we got there, we staged all of our blasting and striping equipment inside the warehouse because on a Costco project, you can't be coming and going.  With millions of dollars worth of merchandise in any given Costco, security is a major concern. So once the equipment was properly staged we focused on to the layout of the warehouse floor striping to be done.  This stage is critical because it allows our customer to see the warehouse striping layout one time before the actual paint goes down. This is critical, because once the paint goes down, it stays down for a very long time.  Once any last minute layout changes are agreed upon, the next step is to move onto to the actual painting process.  Though this job was fairly small in size, it takes a tremendous amount of communication between our crew and the surrounding employees to be sure they are all on the same page with things such as wet paint or areas that they will not have access to for awhile. With some projects including this one, we try not to close off all  of their access to the painted areas until it its absolutely necessary. In this case it allowed our customers to wrap up their final duties of the day, such as re-stocking, trash clean up, and setting alarms etc.


About Empire Warehouse Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is Southern California’s premier warehouse maintenance company. Each and every day we help our customers whether they are contractors, managers, or property owners with their warehouse maintenance needs, including Costco's warehouse floor striping.  At Empire Parking Lot Services we offer top notch warehouse maintenance services to the entire Southern California area. Our service area includes Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego as well as parts of Ventura. For many of our national accounts, we even put crews on the road to service you're out of state projects.

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