Asphalt Remove & Replace : What you Should Expect!

Empire Cares about Your Asphalt Project

When it comes to asphalt removal and replacement projects many consumers are not always sure what to expect. At Empire we take great pride in what we offer vs. what many other asphalt contractors offer.  It’s our desire to bring quality back to the paving industry in terms of value and service.  Empire Parking Lot Services takes time on all of their projects whether there paving, concrete, sealcoating, or parking lot marking jobs.  Empire follows the strictest of guidelines when working on your job.  Below is a list of exactly what to expect during the course of typical asphalt removal and replace projects.

The Empire Asphalt Paving Process

Step 1 - First the damaged asphalt paving gets removed and disposed of, or recycled.

Step 2 - Sub-base is then inspected for" soft" or "pumping" spots.

Step 3 - If any of these soil problems are present, we remove these areas and dispose off site.

Step 4 - Next we re-grade those soft soil areas with new 3/4" crushed base.

Step 5 - If necessary, we will supply additional base material for grading purposes.

Step 6 - Tack coat and asphalt pave work area with a preferred (4 inches) of hot mix asphalt in two lifts.

Step 7 - The first lift of asphalt which is called the base pave will be installed with (2 inches) of new asphalt material.

Step 8 - Then bonding emulsion (tack) glue gets sprayed on the base coat and edges.

Step 9 - Finally a finish lift will be paved with (2 inches) of 3/8's asphalt material to match correct grade.

This process may sound pretty standard to you, but believe it or not many of these steps get skipped by hasty contractors in order to increase their bottom lines.  Empire Parking Lot Services is only interested in building long standing relationships with our accounts not making an extra buck at the projects expense.  Put us to the test today!

About Empire Asphalt Repair Contractor Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is a Southern California Asphalt Contractor that specializes in parking lot and warehouse maintenance.  Every day we help our property management customers, contractors, facility maintenance technicians, as well as our direct owners with many of their parking lot maintenance needs including Trench Paving.  Empire Parking Lot Services offers top notch parking lot repair and warehouse maintenance services to the entire Southern California area.  Our service area includes Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego, as well as parts of Ventura.  Contact us today if you have any questions about any project you may have upcoming.  Empire Parking Lot Services is a fully licensed & fully bonded asphalt contractor company.

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