Anaheim Parking Lot Gets Potholes Repairs

Empire Parking Lot Services Fill Potholes in Anaheim

This month Empire Parking Lot Services was asked by one of our oldest customers to get some potholes repaired on their parking lot in Anaheim, California. Since Empire-PLS services all of Southern California from Los Angeles, to San Diego we said no problem. With the economy being what is lately, our customer was looking for an economical fix this time. Like so many others, they are searching for less expensive services such as pothole repair, and sealcoating, knowing that they only last for a year or two. We always recommend to our customers to patch their potholes at the bare minimum. This will stop water from penetrating your asphalt and destroying your base surface. These basic and inexpensive repairs can buy you time until better economic conditions return.

Pothole Repair Orange County and Los Angeles

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About This Pothole Repair Project

We arrived to the job at about 9 in the morning per our customers request. Once there our crews started prepping the areas of broken asphalt for pothole repair. The main distinction of a pothole type of repair versus an asphalt patch is that with potholes the area are pretty small and there is no removal of old asphalt material. On this project we basically just had to clean off the areas that needed repair and then apply some tack coat to them. Once they were prepped, we shoveled the asphalt on to the areas of repair, and raked them into neat square and rectangles.  All in all the potholes came out pretty clean and the customer was very happy. Have a look below for the project photos.

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About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to pothole repairs in Orange County, & Los Angeles there is only one company name you need to know and that's Empire Parking Lot Services. Empire-PLS understands the needs of their customers, and we are sensitive to keeping your business running even while repairs are being done. That s why we offer affordable paving solutions such as pothole repair, asphalt skin patching and basic overlays. Call Empire Parking Lot Services today for a free estimate on your next paving project and find out how much you can save.

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