Not Just Paving, But Warehouses as Well!

Empire Parking Lot Services Does More than Just Paving

So as you may know, Empire Parking Lot Services does a lot of asphalt paving and parking lot type maintenance services, such as sealcoating, striping, and ADA etc but did you know we also offer a whole list of warehouse services as well.

Services such as warehouse floor striping, warehouse floor cleaningn, and warehouse sign hanging. Although these services are much different than the parking lot maintenance services we also perform, we still do them with the same quality we put towards those projects. This week we performed one of these projects in Carson California. This city is on the south end of Los Angeles in an area known as South Bay. Surrounded by the cities of San Pedro, Torrance, Gardena, & Long Beach.  Empire Parking Lot Services was called out to do some warehouse floor striping there and the job went great.


Carson California Warheouse Cleaning & Striping

About This Warehouse Project:

Our project was for an international tile company that specializes in very high-end tile products.  They were planning a big move for their distribution facility into a new location, however they needed to get some warehouse floor striping done before the move occurred. The new location was a mess as well, so they also needed to get the whole area washed and scrubbed prior to floor striping. They were short on time and had a lot of work to do, so they needed one company to get this all done quickly.  That’s where we came in. As mentioned we were hired to clean the warehouse floors and get them ready for striping. We did this by using our mechanical scrubbers and brooms. Basically are machines are like small street sweepers that can sweep up the all the dirt and then mop up anything that was left behind from the sweeper.  They cover large areas quickly and this job was over 300,000 square feet so they came in handy.  Once the facility was swept and cleaned, the warehouse floor was ready for painting. The work actually consisted of 4400 linear feet of 4” yellow line sprayed down in 2 part epoxy. After the lines where painted, we also painted number stencils on the concrete using the same paint type. We painted 510 (8”) number stencils that indicated pallet locations. Warehouse managers have been using these systems to track and manage product for years now, and they do it because it works. The technology we use to organize your product and inventories has become very affordable. Many companies have been using our warehouse maintenance services such as line painting, floor cleaning, and sign hanging at their facilities. One call gets it all done, and that convenience can save you time and money, while getting a truly superior finished product.



About This Asphalt Paving Company

Empire Parking Lot Services has been maintaining asphalt and concrete surfaces for only a short time, but our team here is made up from industry veterans. Our experts have come from very diverse backgrounds. They are some of the best asphalt paving experts, concrete experts, sealcoating experts as well as parking lot striping & warehouse striping experts. Most of our employees have been employed in there industry for over 15 years. If you have a warehouse striping project, paving project or any project that involves asphalt or concrete give Empire Parking Lot Services a chance. 

You won’t be disappointed!

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