Warehouse Striping for Costco Laguna Niguel

Warehouse Striping for Laguna Niguel Costco

This week the Costco store located on Laguna Niguel California (27220 Heather Ridge, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677) called Empire Parking Lot Services looking to get some warehouse striping done in their shipping area. The striping was installed to clearly mark out the area of the store where customers should not be, stand, etc.  Although the project was small in size the precautions we take are thorough. The process of warehouse line striping is basically layout of lined areas, shotblasting those areas to recieve paint, and then painting of the lines using durable and long lasting 2 part epoxy paint. Striping done in this fashion will last up to ten years without the need to re blast and prep. Over time this saves Costco alot of time, money, and headaches.


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Laguna Niguel Warehouse Floor Striping

About the Warehouse Striping installed

What Costco needed from Empire Parking Lot Services was to get these areas painted in a coating that would last for more than the typical year or two. Many warehouses we work in will paint warehouse striping and warehouse floor markings using standard water base paints, or oil base products. These products are almost guaranteed to fail under harsh warehouse floor environments. They just cannot hold up to the forklifts and pallets that get pulled and dragged over them day and night. The answer to the problem is warehouse striping using 2 part epoxies over a shot blasted surface. With this combination lines go down and stay down. Empire Parking Lot Services have striped lines in over 50 warehouses in 2011 alone. Companies such as Vons, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, as well as Costco have been using our services for many years now, they know that they will get a product that goes down and stays down. 

About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to asphalt and concrete construction, no one can offer your company a better combination of value and service. Our employees share over a hundred years of combined knowledge in asphalt repair, concrete repair, sealcoating, and warehouse striping. All of the services we offer are guaranteed. Other warehouse services we offer include concrete repair (indoors) warehouse floor coatings, Warehouse floor cleaning (sweeping), warehouse sign hanging, and bollard installation. When it comes to warehouse maintenance we have you covered. 

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