Warehouse Floor Striping and Signage Southern California

New Install for Carson California Warehouse Including: Floor Striping, Signage, & Angle Iron.

Empire Parking Lot & Warehouse Services is California's leading provider of W.M.S. related warehouse floor striping and sign hanging services. Our WMS services include items such as, floor striping, angle iron installation (pallet stoppers), rack labels, hanging signs, warehouse labels, aisle markers, and floor location labels.  Our specialty service is a 2 part epoxy floor marking system that last far longer than traditional paint and tape systems installed. We provide a fully managed installation team for all of our services, including our extremely durable warehouse striping and floor coating systems, which have been used throughout the west by some of the biggest companies in the world. Read more below to learn about the services installed for our Carson California project.


A New Warehouse System to Create Better Efficiency

When our customer called us about their warehouse project, they were looking for more than just a single service or solution. They wanted to bring their entire warehouse into a greater state of efficiency to help them be more competitive in the today's economy. They had recently upgraded their WMS (warehouse management system), and for those who don't know what a WMS is, it's a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put away and picking of products. These solutions included installing angle iron rails that prevent bollards from being pushed, as well as the painting of durable two part epoxy lines or warehouse floor striping over shot blasted concrete, and finally the installation of hanging signs throughout the warehouse that indicated row markers and pallet bay descriptions. These projects are always performed in stages to minimize disruption to the customer and careful planning and coordinating is always done to minimize problems.

About Empire Warehouse Services

Empire Parking Lot & Warehouse Services is a one stop contractor for property owners and managers.  We offer top quality repairs and installs in parking lots and warehouses. Our services on your exterior parking lots would include paving, concrete, sealing, sign & bumpers, as well as parking lot striping. Furthermore our services on your warehouse would include concrete repairs, 2 part epoxy warehouse floor striping and coatings, as well as sign installation, angle iron installations, and racking labels and markers. Empire can do so much more than that as well. From concrete cutting to bollard installation, we really are one contractor that can do it all. Call us today toll free at 877-760-2757 for a fast and free proposal.

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