Summer Time is Officially Here, Lets do some Asphalt Paving!

Summer Time is the Best time for Asphalt Paving, Seal Coating, & Line Striping.

With the summer season upon us, we at Empire Parking Lot Services would like to remind you that this is the perfect time for you to do those parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair projects you have been putting off. Many companies have come to entrust us with their parking lot maintenance needs such as asphalt paving, seal coating, and parking lot striping. We would love to include you in that list as well, so please feel free to call us today to set up an appointment for one of our estimators to come to your property and provide you with a fast and accurate estimate.


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Reasons why Summer Time is the Best Season for Asphalt Seal Coating, & Parking Lot Striping

The main reason why summer time is the best time for these service types is temperature. For seal coating and asphalt, you really want the temperature to be around 70- 80 degrees. Also, the likelihood of rain showers is extremely minimized in the summer. Finally, in the summer time paver's simply have more daylight to work with, allowing for paving contractors to perform paving and seal coating on your project early, when it doesn't interfere with business, churches, schools etc. Keep in mind that you don't want to wait too long into the paving season as many paving contractors become completely backed up. So now you know the reason why summer time is the best time for asphalt repair.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire-PLS is not just an asphalt repair contractor, we offer our customers real solutions to their parking lot problems. From asphalt parking lots, to concrete flow lines, we have everything on the ground covered. Our services include the repair of asphalt parking lots & driveways, to concrete sidewalks, flow lines, as well as curbs and gutters. We can also handle more complex issues such as ADA related items like handicap  signs, bollards, truncated domes.  At Empire Parking Lot Services we specialize in work done correctly and the first time! We never up sell and we always try to be mindful about our customers budgets.

Give us a call today at 877-760-2757 and let us help you on your next asphalt or concrete project.
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