Anaheim Center Gets New ADA Compliance Concrete Ramps & Sidewalks

Shopping Center gets new ADA Concrete Sidewalks & Ramps

Last month, Empire Parking Lot Services was called out to the city of Anaheim, to look at a parking lot for a new client. The grade of their concrete sidewalks and parking lot paving were creating issues for them resulting in ADA legal problems.  The main issue our client was facing was that there was no proper access from the parking lot to shops in the center. After meeting with him, He asked us for recommendations on how to resolve these issues, as well as doing the ADA repairs in conjunction with some other basic parking lot maintenance needs he had.

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Read below to learn more about this ADA project and how we solved our customers concrete needs


About this ADA Compliance Project

As mentioned above this project mainly consisted of ADA improvements. These improvements included asphalt demo and patch back along the old curb face, as well as the concrete sidewalks were removed and new compliant sidewalks and curb ramps were formed and poured.  All in all we removed, formed and poured over a thousand feet of concrete sidewalk and ramps. Once the concrete was finished we patched back the asphalt. There was roughly 130 sf. of asphalt to replace along the edge of the new concrete sidewalks.  We refer to this type of repair as a patch back. With the concrete and asphalt completed we moved on to blacking out the existing non compliant striping and re designing their parking lot striping and handicap markings. We painted on the new lines and ADA markings and installed some new ADA signs including the handicap entry signs as well as parking stall handicap signs.


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