Winter Asphalt Repair Challenges on Anaheim Project

Anaheim Business Get's Winter Paving Done

As a Southern California Paving Contractor, Empire Parking Lot Services is constantly working throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, as well as the surrounding Southern California areas. This week's featured project is located in Anaheim California. This project consisted of approximately (15) areas of asphalt patching, equaling over 26 tons of installed asphalt.

One aspect to this asphalt paving project that proved challenging was the location. Our paving project was a fast food restaurant with a very active drive through. These projects have very particular needs in that they cannot lose any time with their drive through for both their breakfast and lunch customers. This leaves our crew a small window of about 4 hours to get the asphalt installed, rolled, and opened for public use by 12 noon, no ifs ands or buts.

We arrived at about 8 am and got to work cleaning the parking lot and tacking the edges of all of the patches to be installed. The cold weather has the ground temperatures pretty low, so we held off a little bit waiting for the surface to warm up. Experience has taught us that if the ground surface is too cold that the asphalt patches run the risk of unraveling. We have learned to avoid this by following some basic rules.

  • Minimize the time/length of haul from the plant
  • Work the asphalt rollers as close to the crew as possible
  • Increase the layer thickness

By making these simple adjustments we have found that asphalt can be installed on even the coldest of days. Not that Southern California paving companies need to worry about that often.


Anaheim Paving Project



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About the Equipment:

Our crews used 3 basic pieces of equipment on this project including a skid steer, a 5 ton roller, as well as a plate compacter. The skid steer was used to move the asphalt around the project quickly, the 5 ton roller was used to smooth and compact the asphalt as soon as our paving crew applied it and the plate compacter is used to work the edges of the patches, that the roller can reach. All in all the project went great, The customer was very pleased and everything looked perfect. Hats off to our great asphalt paving crew for a job well done!



About Empire Parking Lot Services:

Empire Parking Lot Services is a company that places a heavy emphasis on pleasing our customers. We understand that a happy customer is a returning customer, and we are eager to keep them coming back. As a paving contractor we services the entire Southern California area. This includes Orange County & Los Angeles, as well as Riverside, San Bernardino and Parts of Ventura and San Diego. If you have a paving project planned for the coming year please call us today. We will have an estimator come to your place of business and help you put together the best solution for your asphalt paving needs.