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Costly Concrete Sidewalk Repairs Passed onto LA Owners

Posted by James Farley on Mon, May 02, 2016 @ 14:05 PM

LA Tackles Costly Concrete Sidewalk Repairs but then Passes the Responsibility on to the Home & Business Owners.


The city of Los Angeles recently announced it will enact a plan to repair every badly damaged concrete sidewalks within the city limits, spending a proposed $30 million a year over the next three decades to do so. Sounds great, right? Well, the catch is that when those 30 years are up, the responsibility for all future maintenance and repair of those public sidewalks will be placed in the hands of the adjacent property owners. In an article from the Los Angeles Daily News,  the catalyst for this shift came from a recent lawsuit against the city by disability groups, who argued that the disrepair had become so extreme from decades of neglect by the government. It should be noted, however, that the current law in California (passed in the 1970s) actually states that the city is only responsible for sidewalks damaged by the roots of city owned and maintain trees. It has only been the status quo for the city to maintain the walkways when the funds are available, though not one that's been rigidly upheld.


So what kind of financial impact will this decision have on home and commercial property owners, when the current estimated cost for concrete grinding alone is about $1,000 at one sidewalk site ? After the 30 years of city improvements has been completed, the Los Angeles government will be providing a “warranty” program which gives homeowners 20 years and commercial owners 5 years to have the city repair their sidewalk once at no cost, after which point the city will automatically fix and bill the owners if any repair work is neglected. According to the LA Times, this “fix and release” approach will also come with a rebate program offering 50% for those proactive owners who repair their adjacent sidewalks within the first 3 years of the program themselves.


But this still does not negate the fact that for the majority of hard working, average Americans, these extra costs will add up fast; and layer on top of the every day bills and expenses that can be a hard pill to swallow as it is. Even we at Empire Parking Lot Services will feel the effects; most of our employees are homeowners themselves who will eventually have to face the circumstances this decision will bring.


Some opinions seem to be that although this new ruling may be incredibly inconvenient, it will finally result in the restoration of about 4,600 miles of sidewalk repairs that need to be done. If the last 40 years have shown us anything, it's that the future integrity of these walkways may ultimately be in better hands with the community's owners than with the governing authority. But we can't help thinking, at what cost?

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Paving Around People Safely

Posted by James Farley on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 15:04 PM

I recently read the article "5 Tips for Paving an Open Business" by Jessica Stoikes, a writer for an industry website called ForConstructionPros.com, which discusses all things paving related. The article was to the point and full of very valuable information; essentially that working on a project during business hours requires excellent coordination skills and the ability to plan ahead to divert potentially problematic scenarios.


Whether it's a matter of communicating details to customers and traffic, or taking turns with which areas of the job site are to be worked on at a certain time, there is much that can be done to reduce the stress and the number of incidents that happen on the job. Try to avoid the time of day that has the highest amount of traffic, and remember to be patient- with both the traffic around your crew and the time it takes to complete the job itself!

After reading this article, it got us thinking about how Empire Parking Lot Services can improve our own safety operations on these open paving projects. We currently utilize standard safety procedures such as work area maps for crews, customers, and tenants, as well as delineation and signage, to keep areas closed off from pedestrian traffic. Moving forward, we will also be offering a few new measures for our projects.


  • An option for the contracted service of security guards that will work with our crews to add that extra level of safety for projects which pose greater levels of risk to people.
  • Interlocking barricades for projects such as busy strip centers, and shopping malls.
  • Additional signage including reader boards for more effective communication. After  all, when it comes to communicating where a pedestrian should or shouldn't go on an  open construction project, nothing is as effective as a large electric sign.


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At Empire Parking Lot Services, we know that becoming the best paving company in our industry requires constant growth and learning, as well as thinking outside of the box. That’s why we appreciate "For Construction Pros" articles. When we read these articles, it reminds us to ask ourselves the question, "How can we be a better, safer, smarter paving company?"

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Hollywood Bowl gets Special Event Removable Paint Striping…Again!

Posted by James Farley on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 15:08 PM

This time every year and for the last 5 years, Fidelity Investments has contracted with Empire Parking Lot Services to do a specialty striping project for a series of events held at California's prestigious Hollywood Bowl. The event is an employee recognition event and what they have us do is to create that famous Fidelity green line as sort of a half marketing / half actual directional piece, that tells the employees where to go for the next part of their event. It's totally great right? 

The project consist of several mediums including removable striping paint(more on this below), 3M printed decals, as well as standard striping layout and painting services. So what we do is we layout and stripe the Iconic green line from one area to another throughout the Hollywood Bowl grounds. The great thing about this removable paint is that it can applied on one day and removed the very next day with little to no damage to the surface painted on, or disruptions to facility where we are working. 

Read on to learn more about how we did this project, and how your marketing team can apply this fun and affordable process to your next corporate event.



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About this Specialty Striping Project

As mentioned above, this project consist of striping roughly 1000 linear feet of that Iconic 14" green line throughout the Hollywood  Bowl with a removable striping paint.

This removable striping paint is a specialty product that can be applied just like regular striping paint, and stay down and wear just like regular paint does and for as long as you need it to. Removal of this paint is easy in that we apply a special solvent that allows the paint to come off utilizing nothing more than mild pressure washing. Although the product is sold as environmentally safe, at Empire we use water reclamation to insure that nothing hits the storm drains during the removal process. 

At Empire we can paint down a 1000 linear feet of this green line on a Monday morning at 5:00 AM, and then remove that same line on Monday night like it was never there. This product is great for street events such as marathons, racing events, food fairs, or even swap meets. This product also can be painted on parking lots, parking structures, warehouses, and sidewalks. We can even pain on top of your building's rooftop.



About this New Graphic Marketing Medium

Say for instance The Angels Stadium wanted to offer some prime location advertising space for one of their important sponsors. At Empire Parking Lot Services, we can paint on any concrete or asphalt area and then remove it with relative ease. The great news is that the paint is not extremely expensive, and we can create your corporate logo at almost any size with amazing accuracy. So now we can paint that giant Coca Cola logo on a Monday, and then remove it a week later. This is truly an underutilized medium for graphic marketing and advertising. We can also paint these corporate logos and icons on rooftops in this removable paint or in a permanent coating as well. Call for examples and more pricing and product information.



Call us Today for your Specialty Striping Project

If you have an event in mind that could benefit from this type of temporary painted graphics feel free to give us a call. We can provide you with a fast quote, as well as give you more information about custom paints, decals, and large format stenciled logos. Also, keep in mind that we perform all of our services in-house, so you never pay for unnecessary mark up on any service we offer.


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The Best Season for Asphalt Paving

Posted by James Farley on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 15:05 PM

Warmer Weather is Key for Great Asphalt Paving:

Spring and Summer are the peak seasons for the asphalt paving industry. The reason for this is simple, asphalt works best when laid down in warmer weather.

Colder air temperatures mean less time asphalt paving crews have to work with the material, and the less time they have, the harder it is to get it right.  Paving crews need working time with the asphalt to get it laid down well across your parking lot. If the crews don't have enough time, your parking lot can be left with bumps, unsightly seams, or the project may not even get finished.

While it depends on where you live, winter is not typically a good time to install thinner asphalt projects.




What the Asphalt Repair Experts Say:

According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association smaller asphalt repairs such as potholes, minor skin patching, or smaller overlays are best done in warmer weather, but larger overlays at 2 inches or thicker can be done in cooler temps. See the chart below for best practices.



Generally, for thin applications of asphalt (1.5"), you'll want to wait until the temperatures are at 70 degrees F or better. Between 50-60 degrees F, you'll need to consult with your paving contractor. The hot-mix is still workable during this timeframe, but time is limited.

Luckily for us here in Southern California, the winter time is usually a fine time for paving as we rarely see temperatures below 70 degrees.



So remember the spring and summer are always the best times to lay down asphalt. If your project does need to be done in the off season be sure to hire a paving contractor that knows the best practices for paving in those cooler months.  Read more about best weather for paving over at the National Asphalt Pavement Associations website here. Or give us call to talk about your paving project. We would love to work with you today!

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Parking Lot Striping for Tesla Charging Station in Culver City, Ca.

Posted by James Farley on Thu, Jan 22, 2015 @ 12:01 PM

Tesla Supercharger Station Culver City Westfield

This week Empire Parking Lot Services was contracted to layout and paint 12 stalls at a local Los Angeles mall for Tesla Motors. Normally a small parking lot striping project wouldn’t even be a project that we would typically blog about, however this one ended up being a bit of a challenge and its Tesla so yeah pretty much the coolest company in the world.

 Parking Lot Striping Culver City Tesla Motors


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About this Parking Lot Striping Project:

So as mentioned above this was a parking lot striping project located in Los Angeles California. Specifically it was a new "Supercharger Station" installation at the Fox Hills Mall in El Segundo California. Also known as Westfield Culver City at 6000 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City. This project required us to prep and paint 6 charging stalls at 2 locations near each other. We also created a custom parking stencils for each stall and sealed the areas for a more durable outdoor finish. The project took several days to complete and we think it turned out pretty darn good. Now if we could just get our hands on a ridiculously sexy Model S to test out the new chargers we would be set!


Parking Lot Marking Tesla Motors Culver City 


About the Traffic Paints Used:

This project was a bit of an experiment on painting asphalt surfaces. Traditionally asphalt is not painted solid because it's too soft to support paint for long periods of time.  Even parking lines on roads and freeways are not typically driven on, as much as driven over for short periods of time. When Tesla came to us with this concept we agreed to give it a try.

Although we have no way of knowing how long the paint will hold up, we had some ideas about using a couple of newer products that we have had luck with in the past. The first product we applied was the red background paint. This product is a very high end acrylic traffic paint made for parking structures and parking lots. In between the two coat application of red paint, we applied a non slip additive that adds texture to the surface to reduce any chances of slipping on the painted surface when it gets wet. With the red paint completed and the anti slip installed, next we moved onto painting on that iconic Tesla logo, we had a custom stencil created out of light aluminum for this and any future possible Tesla Motor projects. Lastly, we painted did the actual line striping for the parking stalls using a white waterborne acrylic. Empire Parking Lot Services has been working with Tesla Motors now for over 4 years and we can't say enough about how much we appreciate the opportunities that they have given us. They are truly an amazing company and truly wonderful people to work with.



Line Striping Los Angeles Tesla Motors


Parking Lot Stencils Los Angeles California Tesla Motors


About Empire Parking Lot Services:

Empire Parking Lot Services is Southern California's number one rated paving contractor. We specialize in asphalt and concrete repair and maintenance. We only offer the very best in products, materials, and skilled labor when it comes to your project. We service all of Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and parts of San Diego and Ventura counties. Please feel free to call Empire today if you have a parking lot maintenance project, we would love an opportunity to serve you today. Oh and by the way we are hiring!


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Asphalt Crack Sealing FAQ

Posted by James Farley on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 15:11 PM

Southern California Asphalt Crack Sealing Guide


By definition crack sealing is a method in which cracks in paved asphalt are cleaned, dried via heat lance, and then filled with a flexible pre melted rubberized material. This sealant greatly reduces most water from entering the pavements sub-base where it can cause serious damage to its integrity.

This process is just one part of an intelligent pavement maintenance program, however it’s one of the most important. Keeping your asphalts cracks sealed is a major factor in maintaining and expanding your pavements lifespan.




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Top Questions Asked about Sealing Cracks in Asphalt:


How much does crack sealing cost?

The rough price for sealing cracks in the Southern California area is approximately .60 - 1.00 per linear foot.


What affects the price of crack sealing?

Factors that can add to the cost of sealing include the overall condition of the pavement. The proximity of your cracks, the amount of preparation work required to apply the sealer, and the width and depth of cracks.


How much sealing can you do in a day?

Most days our crews can install between 10,000 and 20,000 linear feet of hot rubberized sealer.


How are weeds in cracks dealt with?

Ideally 7-10 days before applying crack seal we come in to apply weed killer to the areas that are affected.


Are there additional cost to remove weeds and grass?

10 % of the total linear footage of a project includes weed removal as well. After that there is an additional charge to treat weeds.


Can crack seal be done on the same day as seal coating?

The longer amount of time you can give between sealing your cracks and applying sealcoat the better. At a minimum we like to see at least 72 Hours between these applications. Crack sealing can be done on the same day, however it will not do as well as the crack sealer that was given the proper amount of time to dry.


Will the crack sealer material track into my buildings?

The answer is yes. Freshly poured crack seal can be tracked into buildings, cars, sidewalks etc. The best way to avoid this is to have crack sealer applied on days when traffic is reduced as much as possible. If this is not possible another solution is to apply sand over freshly poured crack sealer material to greatly reduce the chances of it tracking.


How soon can I drive on a freshly sealed crack in a parking lot?

It is recommended to give crack seal material as much time as possible to dry. There are some techniques that can be employed to allow this to happen faster.


What is the optimal temperatures to apply crack seal?

The optimal temperatures to apply crack seal are between 70 and 80 Degrees.


What are the primary benefits of sealing cracks?

The primary benefit of sealing cracks is the reduction of cost in future asphalt repairs, as well as increasing the longevity of your existing parking lot or paved surface.


How is crack seal applied?

Crack sealer material is pre-melted in a large pot called a kettle, and then pumped to a wand with a banding pot at the end. The liquid material fills the small receptacle and creates a 1- 2 inch band over the crack as it is pulled.


Do cracks get completely sealed after a single application of crack sealer?

Most cracks are completely sealed after a single application of crack sealer, however some may require a second application of sealer should product settling occur.


Are cracks of all sizes able to be sealed?

No, not all cracks, but most cracks (1")  and under can be sealed. Cracks under 0.1" can also be ignored, as regular sealcoating material will typically fill these small cracks in.


How do I repair cracks over (1") in width?

Cracks over (1") in width should be repaired using hot mix material instead of crack sealing materials.


Will cracks that are sealed need to be sealed again?

Yes cracks that get sealed will likely need to be sealed again. With time, traffic, and weather cracks in your pavement slowly start to pull apart causing them to open again. Sealing should be considered a part of your routine pavement maintenance plan.


What is crack routing?

Crack routing is the act of machine routing cracks to a uniform width and depth before sealant is poured into the cracks. Routing machines cut a 3/4” x 3/4” channel into the crack of the pavement. It is cleaned then sealed. These cuts allow a more uniform application of sealer however they are not always reccomended.


Can all cracks be sealed?

No, not all cracks can be sealed on an asphalt parking lot. When pavement starts to become alligatored, sealing the cracks is no longer a useful repair method. This type of damage is beyond the ability to repair.


When should paved parking lots be crack sealed?

As soon as cracks are noticed and larger than 0.1" in width they should be sealed. As far as time of the year goes, cracks should be sealed before the rainy weather hits. The idea is to keep water from penetrating into your sub grade layer of your asphalt.


What if cracks have moisture in them?

Cracks generally do store moisture and for that reason we use a heat lance to dry those cracks ahead of application to allow proper adhesion of the rubberized materials.


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Conclusion about Rubberized Sealers:

When it comes to asphalt maintenance, we at Empire Parking Lot Services receive many questions about crack sealing from our customers in the Southern California area. So this is just the beginning of our FAQ / Blog. Over time it will grow with the new questions that you our readers ask. So please be sure to send us any new questions that you may have regarding asphalt crack repair services.

The Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Asphalt Repair

Posted by James Farley on Wed, Aug 20, 2014 @ 17:08 PM

Now more than ever it's important to be a savvy and educated consumer. This is especially true when you are managing a property with a large asphalt parking lot. Asphalt repair in your parking lot can be one of the biggest expenses you will come across when maintaining a property, so learning ways to reduce asphalt cost should be a priority.

Many paving contractors don't take the time to educate you about what can be done to save money in your parking lot. The reason for this is often times it feels too much like an up sell, or in an effort to keep things easy for their customers, they just focus on the current project and scope of work that the customer is looking to get done.

With that in mind we decided to set up a round table with our asphalt estimate team, and discuss some of the most important things that property owners can do to reduce the cost of owning a paved parking lot. The question presented to them was simple; What can people do to save money in their parking lots? Well after milling the idea about, they started to give me some great ways to save some money in your parking lot. Keep in mind these are not a one size fits all solution, but if any of these apply they can potentially save you a lot of money over time.


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Number 1: Install Concrete Swales & Flow Lines

When it comes to parking lots there is one enemy that paving contractors can agree upon and that’s water. I have written several blogs in the past about this one enemy because it's so very true. Water needs to move off your asphalt and go somewhere else, and the thing that works best at doing that is a concrete swale, or flow line. Water that is allowed to sit, or constantly run over your asphalt will destroy it faster than almost anything else. The answer is to move the water to a flow line or concrete swale. The basic idea of the swale is to move the water off of your parking lot and onto the city street where it can get to a storm drain. Sure, installing these swales will cost you some money, but over time you will find the cost will be well worth it.  Typically parking lots with swales and good drainage last for many more years then asphalt with poor or no drainage. If you don’t have them now, consider getting them installed. You won't be sorry.

TLDR: Swales cost money now, but can increase the life span of a parking lot by many years.




Number 2: Apply 2 Coats of Seal

Many people think it's an upsell to offer a 2 coat application of slurry seal, but in fact most if not all sealcoating manufacturers recommend it. Three of the largest sealcoat manufacturers in our area all suggest this  and the reason for that is simple. A two coat application of seal last much longer than a single coat. Sounds like an obvious statement, but keep in mind that most California parking lot owners and managers are only taking the single coat option. That second coat option is often times skipped, and it really shouldn’t be. Many contractors are only offering one coat in an effort to keep their estimate competitive, Also, it comes down to the customer that can't afford the additional downtime of applying that second coat of seal.  It is important to remember that seal coating not only makes your asphalt look blacker, but it keeps more oil in the asphalt allowing it to remain flexible longer, and flexible asphalt is less likely to crack!

TLDR: Spend the money on that second coat of seal every other year.




Number 3: Thicker Asphalt (where it's needed!)

Asphalt thickness is another one of those issues that doesn’t come up often enough when bidding pavement repair projects. The thing about thicker asphalt is, it doesn’t need to be installed throughout an entire parking lot. Just spending one day on your parking lot can tell you where weigh load abuses are happening, sometimes these abuses are necessary, take for example a typical Southern California shopping center. The front parking lot doesn’t receive the same weight load as the rear parking lot where large trucks and vehicles are unloading their cargo, or where garbage trucks are entering and exiting.  If you keep fixing an area of your parking lot and that same area keeps failing, there is a good chance that you need a thicker pavement solution. The key is to design a custom paving plan that includes the areas that typically get heavier weight loads, an intelligent repair will last far longer than an ignorant one.

TDLR: Heavy trucks need heavy duty pavement. Install it.




Number 4: Treat Oil Spots Early

In parking lots oil spots are pretty ugly, but worse than that, they are breaking down your asphalt. They start off as harmless little stains, and more and more they get built up into large blotchy circles that nothing will stick to. If left unattended long enough, they will continue to unravel your asphalt until it becomes a full fledged pothole. The solution is pretty simple when it comes to this problem but will often be overlooked.  Oil spot primers are perfect for the job, oil spot primers can be used on any type of asphalt surface, including parking lots, airports, gas stations etc. These primers seal oil, gas, and grease spots on pavement prior to coating and helps prevent oil spots from bleeding up through freshly applied pavement sealer.

TLDR: Use oil spot primers before the oil stains turn into potholes destroying your asphalt.





Number 5: Sealcoating Bi-Annually (every two years)

California is pretty good when it comes to sealcoating their parking lots. We are a image conscience state and most property owners understand that a clean and well maintained parking lot typically leads to a parking lot that feels safe and inviting, but how often should you be sealcoating? The short answer to that question is typically every two years. Sealcoat should be applied every two years and with two coats as mentioned above. If you can get on this schedule and stay on this schedule from day one of your parking lot, you will be amazed at how few repairs will need to be done in your parking lot. Keep in mind your parking lot will not be pitch black for two years, but it will be protected. The cost difference between pavement repair and sealcoating is very large. So keep that asphalt sealed.

TLDR: Seal every two years and expand the life span of your asphalt by a long time.




Number 6: Fix your Irrigation

Sigh…..Ever feel like a broken record? I have talked about this one so many times now I can only imagine me saying out loud while sleeping. (Note to self ….ask wife if she hears the words "Bad Irrigation" when sleeping) Bad irrigation waste water, bad irrigation leaks water all over the parking lot, bad irrigation causes most of the problems we see in parking lots today. Maybe what I really need here is one of those sexy headlines that people can't resist like "Want to learn how Oprah became a millionaire", then just tell people to fix their sprinklers. If you haven't figured out by now, fix your bad irrigation. Call your local landscaping contractor, or better yet talk to mine here, and get him to fix your bad sprinklers and irrigation. You're gonna save a ton of dough.

TLDR: Sprinklers……Fix em





Number 7: Seal Your Cracks

This one is another service that often gets ignored by parking lot owners and managers. Asphalt cracks for many reasons, but the main reason is it gets old, it gets brittle, and then it just cracks. The problem is that asphalt doesn’t bridge like concrete does, so when these cracks open up, they allow water to flow under the asphalt and erode the base on which your paving sits. Once this base erodes, your parking lot starts taking on some serious damage. So when you see the small cracks start to appear in your parking lot fix them early. The wider these cracks are allowed to grow, the more severe the damage is that they will cause. Eventually cracks get so wide that they cannot be sealed or filled.

TLDR: See cracks in asphalt / quickly seal cracks in asphalt.




About this List & #8

So this list really is just about good pavement maintenance suggestions. These suggestions are designed to prolong the lifespan of your asphalt, and the longer your asphalt last, the less money you have to pay over time, simple concept but it's true.

Also, keep in mind that none of these items matter if you hire the wrong contractor. A good contractor is really number 8 on our list. Nowadays it's very simple to do your due diligence. With tools such as the CSLB website here it's easy to see who has insurance and workers comp, or the "Orange County Court Case look up" service here will tell you how many times a contractor has been sued for breach of contract. With a simple search you can learn a lot about how well your contractors stack up. Also, check reviews and referrals on sites like Yelp, Google, or Angieslist. Just type in (company name + reviews). We encourage you to hold all your paving contractors to this same standard and we invite you to start with us. We know we will do well because we have worked hard to earn the reputation we have.



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Irvine Business Park Receives A Fresh New Look with Sealcoating

Posted by James Farley on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 10:07 AM

Irvine Sealcoating & Striping Project

Empire Parking Lot Services performed sealcoating and parking lot striping at a Business Park located in the city of Irvine California. A local property management company called us and asked us to bid their project. A few weeks later we were awarded the project and completed this june. Read below to learn more about this asphalt maintenance project.

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Sealcoating and Striping Irvine California Empire Parking Lot Services resized 600


About This Asphalt Sealing & Striping Project

This project was pretty straight forward. The customer had already taken really great care of their parking lot so it was pretty much just basic parking lot maitnenance stuff. We started by cleaning the lot and sealing about 1000 linear feet of cracks. Then, we sealocated the parking lot using "Guardtop Surry Seal". Once the sealcoating was dry and ready it was just a matter of painting back the parking lot lines, curbs and legends. All in all the project turned out great and the customer was very pleased.


  • Job Size: Apx 65,000 sf
  • Services Performed: Crack Sealing, Sealcoating, Parking Lot Striping
  • Time on Project: Apx (2) days

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Having a satisfied customer is our main goal at Empire-PLS. We do this by taking extra care on every project we perform. This is why our customers have good things to say about us. From Irvine Company to Meguires, we take care of our Irvine Customer.  Please contact us if you have a parking lot maintenance project in the near future or if you have any questions about this project.

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Costa Mesa Shopping Center Receives Asphalt & ADA Repairs

Posted by James Farley on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

Asphalt Paving & ADA Ramps for Bristol Shopping Center

This month at Empire Parking Lot Services we were asked to bid on a fairly large paving project for a local property management customer of ours. They were looking to have three ADA repairs done throughout their center, as well as some extensive asphalt paving, and seal coating needs addressed. After submitting a price, we were awarded the project and started the planning phase that included meetings, creating diagrams, work schedules, and pulling necessary permits with the city. Below shows an example of a work diagram that we provide for our customers to help remove any confusion about what will be fixed and where those repairs are located.  

Contact Empire Parking Lot Services


Bristol Shopping Center Diagram resized 600

Paving, Concrete, Seal Coating & Striping

So as mentioned above the work done on this project included some ADA work including concrete ramps & sidewalks fixed to meet necessary grade requirement. After the concrete work was completed we installed compliant ADA signs and post, as well as truncated domes and ADA markings. The next phase of the project was the paving repairs that needed to be done. These repairs included patching, as well as a few areas of asphalt that needed to be completely removed and replaced. The repair work was done over two days and scheduled so that once all of the heavy construction was completed we could wrap the project up with seal coating and striping, to give it that clean finished look.



About Empire Parking Lot Services

At Empire Parking Lot Services we take a lot of pride in offering the highest quality in parking lot repairs. These repairs include our four main categories including asphalt repair,concrete repair, seal coating, & parking lot striping. However, in addition to these four main repairs, we also offer many other types, and this project is a great example of some of those unique services we offer. On this project we removed and replaced several steel bollards. Another item installed was reflectorized road markings to make striping highly visible at night.  Many hours of communication go into creating and executing a project like this, and its also important to note that when we do a project like this for you, we never skimp on the types of materials used or the way the work is installed. Call Empire Parking Lot Services today or see us on line by clicking any of the link on the above page.

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Asphalt Repair for Santa Ana Business Park

Posted by James Farley on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 17:12 PM

Santa Ana Business Park gets New Asphalt Repairs

This week at Empire Parking Lot Services, we were called back out to Santa Ana California to do some pavement repairs in a parking lot located on Bristol Street. The parking lot in question was badly damaged. The we performed there included a large pavement overlay,  some concrete flow lines (also referred to as concrete gutter), and lastly we applied sealcoat and parking lot striping, to the entire parking area. The customer on this project was a return customer, and we love that! They had us repair some of their other properties before, and loved the work, so they gave us a shot at a new project. Take a look below at the short video of our amazing crew performing the repairs.



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This Asphalt Repair Projects Quick Stats:

As mentioned above the project consisted of some heavy asphalt repairs that included over 91 tons of new material being installed by way of 11,000 sf overlay as well as 1200 sf of removal and replacement. In addition to the pavement repairs that were done out there, we also did some flow line repairs including the  demolishing and removal of 285 lf of (4') concrete swale or flow line. Once we removed the broken flow line we installed new concrete flow line in its place.  With both the concrete and paving completed we next moved on to the sealcoating portion of the project. The entire parking lot was thoroughly cleaned and a heavy coat of "Guardtop Material" was installed. At Empire we only use high end premium products on your job and yes if you were wondering, it does make a big difference in terms of wear and value. Lastly we did some line striping including the painting back the lines and markings to their existing configuration. We painted approximately 40 double white lines, 3 handicap stalls, and reset about ten wheel stops. All in all the project turned out perfect. We hot the project done in 3 days including all trades. The customers tenants were not affected by the repairs, and most importantly the customer was thrilled with the work.




About Empire Parking Lot Services

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