A leading property owner and management company had recently purchased a building that required some extensive asphalt and concrete repairs. These repairs were most likely caused by a lack of maintenance, as well as heavy vehicle weight that the original parking lot was not designed to carry. The concrete swales in the middle of the parking lot that was designed to control rain water and irrigation runoff were badly broken as well. This is also a common cause for asphalt failure.


Our estimator worked with the customer to come up with a solution that would give his parking lot a "like-new" look, without exceeding his budget. As mentioned above, the parking lot was badly distressed, and needed some extensive repairs.

The repairs consisted of the removal of several badly damaged asphalt areas, as well as addressing some overall asphalt alligatoring with a fabric overlay, also known as a petromat overlay. We agreed that a fabric overlay would be the best way to achieve that goal while staying within his budget parameters.

When your parking lot needs a little more than an standard asphalt overlay, we suggest an asphalt fabric overlay. Using a geotextile material as an added layer between the original surface and the new asphalt on top, a fabric overlay will add strength to your pavement while protecting the sub-grade below from the harmful effects of water. It also helps to reduce the chances of reflective cracking. After the new surface of asphalt was paved, we installed some new asphalt speed bumps to help alleviate the problem of speeding cars in the parking lot. Next we performed concrete repairs to the broken flow lines, as well as some concrete slabs. The last thing we did was the parking lot lines and markings which were all repainted, and all ADA striping was brought up to compliance at the same time.

This project was located in Redlands, California in an industrial part of town. Redlands is located east of the 215 freeway in San Bernardino, and the 10 freeway runs through the middle of the city. This was the seventh project we have done for this customer, and they are very pleased with our work.

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