CKE Restaurants Inc, also known as Carls Jr. or Hardees's, had a fast-paced, high-traffic location that needed some serious improvement to their parking lot. This Carls Jr. location had just received a facelift to the building, and the parking lot was the last thing that needed to be addressed.


Because of the nature of the fast food industry, we had to be very mindful of the times we would be working there. Fast food restaurants live and die by the breakfast and lunch hours, so we needed to get the repairs done exactly in between those two shifts.

Furthermore, we had an exceptionally cold morning (for Southern California) and our experience has taught us that asphalt repairs will unravel if certain rules are not followed. To avoid this situation we do several things such as, minimizing the time and length of hauling material from the asphalt plant to the job, and keep the load covered to retain its heat. We have the roller operator work quickly behind the paving crew while the material is still hot, and we increase the layer thickness of the asphalt whenever possible.

The repairs we performed were much needed in order to minimize further damage and possible replacement. Our crews used 3 basic pieces of equipment on this project: a skid steer, a 5 ton roller, and some plate compactors. The skid steer was used to move the asphalt around the project quickly, the 5 ton roller was used to smooth and compact the asphalt as soon as our paving crew applied it, and the plate compactor was used to work the edges of the patches that the roller couldn’t reach.

This project was located in Anaheim California and consisted of approximately (15) areas of asphalt patching, equaling over 26 tons of installed asphalt. All in all the project was a huge success, and the parking lot was ready for winter, as well as their lunch crowd!

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