Empire Parking Lot Services was chosen for asphalt repair at several Popeye's Chicken restaurants, including one in the city of San Bernardino, California. Our customer wanted to address as many of his parking lot repair issues as possible all while maintaining a very strict budget. Our estimator discussed his options and created a project plan that met his needs best.


These repairs included pothole patching and sealcoating, as well as parking lot striping, and bringing some handicap signs into compliance with the most recent ADA codes. These asphalt repair projects were actually part of a multi facility package that included about (5) restaurants owned by the same franchisee. The estimator knew that the most important issue to this client was budget. With this in mind the client and the estimator worked together to narrow it down to three main areas of concern; reduction of liabilities, code compliance, and overall aesthetics.

The first and most important area we decided to focus on was the liability issue. This meant we had to repair the potholes that had developed over the last few years throughout their parking lot. Several potholes had opened up including a few near the entrance where guests entered the restaurant. Once these were patched with asphalt the liability had been taken care of. Even though the liability was could have been quite severe, it really was a simple fix for a simple problem.

With the major liability gone we then turned to their next priority which was the aesthetic issue. Nothing makes more visual impact on a small restaurant like this than a fresh application of seal coat on the parking lot. Not only does it give a great fresh look, it also protects the very important repairs that were just completed.

With the parking lot looking black and new again, we proceeded to paint some new parking lot markings. The customer chose to go with a bright yellow color which is a great option and can really separate your area and make it stand out compared to the normal traditional white lines which are used most often.

While the freshly painted parking lines and arrows were drying, we turned to the last concern which was code compliance. The customer was taking proactive steps to get their parking lot into compliance with the most recent and up to date ADA codes that mandate handicap parking for handicap customers. These updates included a layout of new compliant parking spaces and cross hatch areas as well as the installation of new ADA signs at the parking lot entrance and at the stalls themselves.

With all of the focus areas addressed, the project was complete and presented to them. All in all the down time to the restaurant's parking lot was minimal, we strive to work during the non critical hours and after hours when possible. The lot was only partially closed during the paving portion of the project, and we had the parking lot sealed and striped all within the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm so we wouldn't affect their lunch rush. The customer was extremely pleased with our performance, our ability to work within their budget needs, and overall communication of all possible options.

The need for these types of repairs are not only to make your parking area pleasing to the eye but also to keep your guests safe and injury free. Ultimately our goal is to address the needs at hand, stay within budget, and provide the best possible experience from beginning to end, and that is what we did for Popeyes!

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